A journey to delicious and beyond…

This is one of the greatest TV Commercials of all time.

It makes me proud to live in a country where TV Commercials like this one are produced.

And if you disagree, then you’re worse than Greg Gutfeld.

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  1. @CKM: I meant nice kitty cat Mittens on delightful journey through enchanted forest home of hungry Arctic predator/razor-toothed fish.

  2. Maybe adapt the song as a campaign song:

    What if one little flop
    could open a world of supporters?
    So sensible, satisfying,
    The campaigning never seems to stop –
    A journey to the middle and beyond!

    Exciting your ‘bots day and night,
    With endless revisions,
    It’s the magic Romney makes happen
    Every day, in so many ways.
    Romney – please the voters!

  3. I thought it was hilarious when I saw it a day or so ago. It’s a cat. It doesn’t even see the Roy G. Biv spectrum as we do.

    But I agree with CKM — the Russians would never have come up with this one. The thing to be proudest of? Someone got paid for coming up with the idea for this commercial. Now, that’s civilization.

  4. @ J.E. Dyer:
    Maybe Friskies makes your cat see in the human spectrum and more? Maybe it (they?) like totally freaks your cat into superhuman higher cat-ness?

    Hey! Could be!

    I’ve been thinking about a close reading of the commercial, but I’m afraid I’m too disconnected to contemporary music to catch the references the average college student would pick up immediately…

    To me, it’s CGI Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for cat lovers – with a slightly sad undercurrent of the cat-owner’s frustration … but the cat-human distance bridged through visual-olfactory synaesthesia

    …a little bit Rimbaud, a little bit Pee Wee Herman, a lot Beatles, harmlessly decadent, and richly wise.

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