CHART OF THE DAY – Heavens to Murgatroyd…

…and Great Caesar’s Ghost!

Better hope we peaked too soon, O-crats!

(O-bot: Too bad you guys peaked too soon...)

Conservative Enthusiasm Surging Compared to Previous Midterms –

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  1. @ CK MacLeod:

    BO definitely provided the appropriate slogan – “Yes we can!”

    But it did take Glenn Beck et al to publicize the issues and kindle the fire. When even John McCain has recognized the necessity of talking more like a conservative than he usually has even in election years you know the political frying pan is getting hot.

  2. @ narciso:
    Great Googly Moogly! A chart that indeed is. Trust the Army.

    Love the quote in the title to that article, too – gonna put it in RecBrow.

  3. @ narciso:

    That chart says it all about a lot of things, a very lot of things. Western Civilization is indeed doomed. It may be time to check around and identify the nearest Imam who certifies conversions.

  4. You need to put that on the wall, CK and add a dose of Dramamine. The way I read it the insurgents are closer to the population than either the Afghan forces or the coalition, that’s not good

  5. The gap is going to get bigger. That’s because Obama and the Dems have just begun to fight. Amnesty for illegals, Cap & Tax and Financial Bail-Out Reform with its checkbook tax ensure the gap will grow larger.

    Then we will see Iran gain the bomb and all the denials and blaming Bush won’t stop ‘the buck’ from landing squarely on Obama’s desk. He and the dems are going to be judged as incompetent on foreign policy as well as the domestic scene.

    Plus, the Dems have lost the independents which will increase the gap even further. In 6 months we are going to witness the first stage unfold, in the greatest political reversal in history.

  6. The problem is unemployment is going up, specially with the turmoil that we see in Europe, and none of Obama’s plans listed above will
    solve them, but they have to do less clueless things like they did
    last night

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