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Light posting… some soundings…

…got some new material simmering… but I’ve been hiding in the library shelves the last week, otherwise trying to get some real world work done.  Here’s a useful fragment for later use the next time we feel like discussing constitutionalism,

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How Now Brown Dow?

Watching the roundtable on Fox… wishful thinking now about the close… or about the state of the economy… as though the recovery from the lows now to around 500 points down is any kind of ground to stand on… as

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Soon to be lapping up on a shore near you…

Just as we were beginning to discuss the political impact of the oil platform disaster, what should show up in my inbox but an e-mail from Gavin Newsom – Mayor of San Francisco, running for lieutenant governor (after having dropped

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Why is Sarah Palin treating Glenn Beck as though he's normal?

No one much will ever likely care that Sarah Palin endorsed Glenn Beck in a puffy little capsule bio for Time Magazine’s 2010 list of 100 influential people, but I think it was a bad move for her – in

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