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May the broken be uncircled

So, the other night I’m browsing around and notice that some people seem to think Sarah Palin compared Obama to Hitler – er, advocated a Hitler/Obama comparison – well, twittered a link to an article by Thomas Sowell that mentions

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Flamesem & Japesem (in another universe though, so it’s OK)

So, conservatives, which universe do we belong in? I think the universe in which it’s possible to refer to a series of posts and discussions involving someone who does not exist – and yet blogs.  Which is mind-bloggling.  (Another compound

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Was I wacked at HotAir?

In a word, NOPE Didn’t happen, but I can see why some people might think it must have, especially anyone aware of the fact that I’ve been blogging away as usual or even more so, yet not publishing at the

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Flamesem and Japesem (on behalf of Hell-bound freaks)

Nyah – I think the Left loves Glenn Beck.  Or should.  If I were running the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, and playing to win, I’d wish him an even bigger audience. *** Some seem to believe that concerns about conservatives

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Dialogue with John: Sacred Texts/Tests

John asks: If one is not actively trying to convert the other, professing good and evil, pushing revelation, is one having a political conversation? and can politics ever approximate an ideally-disinterested academic discussion, with its ways of mixing disinterested commentary

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CONTENTION OF THE DAY – since we’re stuck with Obama, it’d be better for McChrystal to go

Who has the sense that President Obama is politically and morally invested in the surge being ramped up in Kandahar? When does he speak of it in public? When does he lend the weight of statesmanlike rhetoric to the military

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The other obvious

From Shelby Steele in the Wall Street Journal – “Israel and the Surrender of the West” – comes a highly articulate rendition of a familiar conservative stance.  Ideological from first word to last, such work can add to pre-existing understandings

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Islamophobia = Islamism (Replies to John)

John asks (all further blockquotes will be from the linked comment): [W]hy make the claim that [the Islamophobes’] approach is useless or dangerous…? By now I’ve written fairly extensively on what I think is wrong with an Islamophobic approach, and

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Cost of Islamophobia 3 – Islamism and Modernity

John asked for me to address the following point: [N]otwithstanding all the sects and interpretations of Islam that evolved in the agrarian age, all the relatively peaceful local practises mediated by saints, shrines, and the pragmatic needs of Islamic societies,

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The Cost of Islamophobia 2: The Goo Goo Genocidaires Vs The Lying Hatemongers

Walter Russell Mead was one of the two writers I quoted with respect and approval in yesterday’s “The Cost of Islamophobia” post, as I believed his analysis of Turkey’s  predicament supported the insistence on distinctions between different types of political,

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