Some perspective, please…

“Memory Foundations” – from Studio Daniel Liebeskind’s master site plan for the rebuilding of the World Trade Center Site

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  1. Nice try. That’s the one point of view from which the giant crescent on top of the building looks like a mere spire.

  2. There’s considerable controversy within the Obama Administration about that building. Half of the senior staffers consider it a betrayal that the hammer was deleted from the design for the roof art.

  3. @ Sully:
    you’re on a roll, Sully. I await hearing that one of those not objecting to the hammer … got the axe…..




    in Mexico.

  4. There once was an on the lam Russ,
    Whose forehead an ice pick did muss,
    He wisely retreated,
    When Koba got seated,
    But he had kicked up too much of a fuss.

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