Voting with joy and other psychosocial diversions

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s governatorship will soon be drawing to a close, amidst dismal approval ratings.  Yet I recall that, as with perhaps no other vote I’ve cast since I reached voting age, I took pleasure in punching out the box next to his name on the old-fashioned data card – as a virtual thumb in the eye to “Gray” liberalism, its lack of political imagination, its disconnection from California the Idea.  Perhaps you can vote with seriously considered joy, with realistic fantasy, and, if Arnold seems to have disappointed the state in many ways, that doesn’t mean that voting for him was wrong, or even that the faults and failings we attribute to him were more his than ours, or anything more or less than a necessary but insufficient moment in our political self-re-creation…

We dreamt we were voting for this guy:

And so we really were, even if he didn’t take his broadsword to the forces of all evil, or commandeer a Harrier and blow away the Crimson Jihad, or implacably (utterly without joy, fear, or any other distracting emotion) terminate the opposition.  California may have needed a lot more than a single hero or the guy who played them so well, but we weren’t wrong to vote in favor of re-vitalizing our political process in part by drawing upon creative fantasy, projection, and belief, even the joy of creative destruction.  It can’t get us the entire way, and it can lead to blind alleys, dead ends, and every kind of waste, disappointment, and incomprehensible conflict…

Yet some stunts do work out better than others…It all goes to the same place anyway…

…yet we must keep the faith…

Tank you.

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  1. It feels we’re eerily close to Killian and the Cadres time, after the Great Quake, Now Bryce, Haddad and O’Neil haven’t shown up yet

  2. Ill Papa Fuster wrote:

    (movie any good?)

    Nevahsawrit. Gets a mediocre rating but the one person commenting at IMDB was positive. Kind of an OK cast, if you like Fred Astaire movies in which he doesn’t dance.

    But there are people out there who like to collect starlets. If she had been a little younger or played her cards right, she could have been a Bond girl, which would have improved her marketability a lot – though she’d still have a ways to go catch up with, say, Barbara Bouchet (Bond girl, Star Trek, weirdo horror films, and posed for Penthouse when in, I believe, her mid-40s (and not much else)).

    In a rather different guise she played a philandering Navy wife who dies in an auto accident on the eve of Pearl Harbor in IN HARM’S WAY.

  3. miguel cervantes wrote:

    Hubba, hubba, in deed, although she looks familiar, she must have been in other films and programs

    Small world: She – Anne Heywood, that is – played… brace yourself… you may want to sit down… Mrs. Raouf in the TV Movie Sadat. Someone tell NR, they may want to amend their anti-mosque editorial.

  4. The link is to a 1975 Washington Post letter to the editor, responding to a certain Mohammed Rauf, which disputed a riot in 1945, which had an explicitly anti Jewish and anti Western flavor to it. Now you had argued earlier that because he was ten years younfer than Al Banna, he was not one of the leaders of the Moslem Brotherhood, but he did flee after the assasinations of both Al Banna and Nacrishi Pasha, to Kuwait, where Arafat and after a while even Khaled Mashaal eventually
    ended up

  5. miguel cervantes wrote:

    Now you had argued earlier that because he was ten years younfer than Al Banna, he was not one of the leaders of the Moslem

    No, I had argued that at the age of 11 he was unlikely to be one of the “founders” of the MB – founded in 1928 – which was your claim.

    If his account of the nature of a riot was disputed by someone 65 years ago, I don’t see how that impacts on… anything… nor do your nebulous circumstantial speculations regarding those other fellers… It is a matter of near total irrelevance to me whether Daddy Rauf was a saint or a rascal, an angel or a devil, Mrs. Roosevelt’s secret lover or President Roosevelt’s for that matter, or the model for the bad guy in Doc Savage #42, The Curse of the Anti-Semitic Terorrist Infiltrator.

  6. I was inprecise CK, not like say Richard Kim, of the Journolist, who put together that compendium of insinuations, called “Going Rouge” that
    for one, alleged that because her husband belong to the independent
    political force in the state, after psycho secessionist Vogler had gone
    to ‘meet his maker’ she instead wanted to obviously secede and ‘see
    Russia” much closer than Little Diomede Island”

  7. Having perused the tome, Legushka, you would know know that was the allegation against him, ironically they had already had a successful governor who had run on the AIP banner.And this did conform to the journolist template, I’m struck about the Journolist reaction, to her selection, no one you know, started looking
    up the probabilities of her giving birth to a child with downs syndrome,
    that was still batty

  8. miguel cervantes wrote:

    Having perused the tome, Legushka, you would know know that was the allegation against him

    I haven’t perused said tome, I’ve merely gazed into the shallows of Sarah’s eyes, heart and soul.

  9. The beaten down Arnold reminds me of his bewildered all two human
    cop in End of Days, one of those eschatological thrillers pupular at the turn of the century, and somewhat like the main character in the Sixth Day

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