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Anyone who’s never tsarred a blog may be unaware of the endless flow of “comment spam” that is intercepted before it can ever appear in the threads.  At this moment, for instance, there are 14 comments caught in the Spam Filter.  I’d put that on the low side for a typical day’s non-work.

If you see a comment from someone you’ve never seen before that reads something like the following, then either the filter missed one, or someone’s a comedian:

Once Once more great post. You Appear to have a Excellent Knowing of these themes.When I entering your blog,I felt this .

Now, if you clicked on the above comment’s name-link – “Troy Cress”/ “” – you might very well discover true love.  That would be even more likely, I think, if you clicked on a link that went with the following:

Ground zero is a monument to all those who suffered and endurd the hardships of 9/11 to take it away is one thing but obama is pretty much spitting on the faces of all Americans who waved the AMERICAN flag to honor those who were victims that day. This is the outcome of America’s mistake but America we should have learned by now. Everyone makes mistakes lets not make this one again. this so called AMERICAN president needs to reevaluate his morals.

That one’s from good ol’ Toby Mondelli of  (He reads as HotAir-ready to me.) But Tanna Tewksbury of strongly disagrees with Tobes:

But not one single thing that you said gives the government the right to stop the mosque. Protest the mosque. Do creative things like building the gay bar next door, but the President was 100% right when he said that they have a First Amendment right to build it there.

Intense back and forth.

(Wikipedia link, but still not exactly Safe For Work or public computer) Fleshlight is on to something I’ve never seen before in comment spam, though I don’t believe it’s about tricking human blog visitors into clicking on commenter-links:  It’s about getting comments posted on blogs – fooling living and breathing 3-D bloggers into treating fake comments as real – in a way that in turn fools Search Engine Optimization “web crawler” robot systems into “thinking” that Fleshlight’s numerous sites – which are likely all the same site under different names – are connected to real, active, flesh and blood web users.

It’s kinda, okay I’ll say it, fitting that Fleshlight would come up with such an advanced imitation, or system of imitation, of human intellectual intercourse.

We’re approaching the point, if we’re not there already, that the internet speaks through us, not the other way around.

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