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Contention(s) of the Day – Max Boot slanders America

[A]s many people have noted, the War on Terror is not a reflection of an Islam vs. the West clash; it is part of a clash within Islam pitting fanatical Islamists against the vast majority of the world’s 1.2 billion

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GWF was the man…

If a content is to be discussed philosophically, it will bear only scientific and objective treatment; in the same way, the author will regard any criticism expressed in a form other than scientific discussion of the matter itself merely as

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Obama Excommunicated and Damned

“Obama is his own God” – Laura Curtis: Obama denies the exclusivity of Christianity.  That’s the real dealbreaker.  The New Testament repeatedly asserts that Christ’s death on the cross provides the only possible avenue to heaven; that Jesus is THE

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Terrorists and Hawks together again…

As Rex noted in an e-mail, we again see conservative hawks and radical Islamists on the same side of an issue.  They both want a war with Iran. Bruce Riedel – “Al Qaeda Plans for War With Israel” – channels

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Imam Feisal’s great service

Imam Feisal’s main mistake was to think we might be as good as we like to pretend we are, as good as the people who thought they could build and deserve a 1,776′ tall “Freedom Tower.” (What kitsch! The only

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Karl@HotAir throws some more smoke bombs…

…claiming that charges of “bigotry” in the “anti-mosque” movement is an “hysterical” fantasy of “the left,” an effort merely to defame “all” opponents of Park51/Cordoba House/Ground Zero 911 Victory pro-Osama pro-Obama All-Desecrating Mega-Super-Duper-Auschwitz Pearl Harbor Totalitarian Mosque Mosque Mosque Mosque

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Reasoning facsimile

Anyone who’s never tsarred a blog may be unaware of the endless flow of “comment spam” that is intercepted before it can ever appear in the threads.  At this moment, for instance, there are 14 comments caught in the Spam

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The Dual Covenant Reaction (Ground Zero for Intolerance)

Observing my exasperation with some founding Zombie Contenders, and declining to accept my excuses for rudeness, a certain amphibious e-mailer asked me what, after all, I expected, considering that this blog was originally founded for refugees from “ground zero for intolerance.”

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A voice in the rightwing wilderness

I still await news of a single statement at National Review or The Weekly Standard, or a single comment from a major Republican politician or conservative pundit, acknowledging that anyone on the right may have gone a bit too far

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The obsolescence of the obsolescence

Fouad Ajami writes the history of the present moment better than anyone else I know of, but, as with all such writing, the content tends to be obsolete before it’s published.   His current essay on “The Obsolescence of Barack Obama”

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