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Slammin’ with Sarah

Sarah Palin wants to meet me! According to RNC yenta Peter Terpulek, Sarah and I can get together either in Anaheim or California where “grassroots activists” are gathering.  Here’s the jam-packed sentence that all by itself exhausts the non-Sarah, non-financial

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12 or 13 Things I Know About Her

You can now add [alleged] résumé “enhancement” to the list of Christine O’Donnell’s problems, though apparently there wasn’t much in the education section of Christine O’Donnell résumé that actually was accurate:  So it’s more like total fabrication with some enhancement-like

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Two Questions regarding Post-Christian Religion

At the end of the discussion under “Theo-Anthropology and the Essence of Christianity,” we temporarily got caught up in a dire internecine struggle over the specifics of schools or sects of Buddhism in relation to the Hegelian critique of Christian

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I am…

…not now nor have I ever been a Sagittarian. George Jochnowitz @ Theo-Anthropology and the essence of Christianity

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Theo-Anthropology and the Essence of Christianity

Continuing the discussion at the end of the Iran Film Festival thread – a discussion that has vanishingly little to do with film festivals – here is an explication of the idea of “Christian Theology” being overcome by “Christian Anthropology.” 

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It’s strange, sure is strange

New possibility for Tea Party campaign song, especially given the latest Christine O’Donnell revelations, based on Bill Maher’s boffo tape from O’Donnell’s appearance on Politically Incorrect in 1999: O’DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. But

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Shouting FIRE in a crowded world

“Developing World Catches a Fresh IT Wave” looks like the title for some completely disposable fluff piece, possibly in a trade publication or even an investment brochure, featuring interviews with a Sri Lankan computer geek and an Indonesian businesswoman addicted

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the vastness of the differences

between people wearing underwear with lettering indicating days of the week and people wearing underwear of differing colors chosen for anticipated eventualities, the elitism of those who will not twice wear the same underwear, the fluidity of thought of those

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Among the things about which I have no time to care

Still working on getting around to working on some things I need to work on, but I thought I’d take a point of personal privilege and remark upon just how little I care about revolutionary Christine O’Donnell’s Republican Senate primary

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Martin Peretz: “Muslim life is cheap, and I mean it.”

Martin Peretz, Editor-in-Chief of the New Republic, has offered an apology for one of two statements singled out yesterday by Nicolas Kristof in his New York Times column.  Both statements appeared in the concluding paragraph of a post at Peretz’s

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