12 or 13 Things I Know About Her

You can now add [alleged] résumé “enhancement” to the list of Christine O’Donnell’s problems, though apparently there wasn’t much in the education section of Christine O’Donnell résumé that actually was accurate:  So it’s more like total fabrication with some enhancement-like elements.  Can’t call this latest bit surprising:  If you had any doubts, next time you read conservative bloggers shaking their clenched fists pleading for unity the day after a candidate has won, that means that the milk is lumpy and reeks.  To switch metaphors, you can pretty much assume that if True Conservative bloggers are imploring the troops to close ranks and prepare to charge!, the smarter soldiers will be going to ground and fading away.

About the only thing worse for conservatives over the long term would be actually having COD in the Senate for six years, but that may be too much for liberals to hope for.  A more realistic goal for Dems would be to gather these new adventures of Christine into the larger Tea Party Extremists Oh My! narrative that, in combination with natural race-tightening and a bit of backloaded campaign spending, may downgrade the November wave from tairuku to mere tsunami.

Conservative conniptions here.  (Another rule, if MadisonConservative is your voice of reason…)

Odds were always that Palinophilic Tea Party Conservatism would peak during the primaries.  Maybe we can consider it peaked.  Beyond that, who gets to shout “Scoreboard!” in a few days more than a month from now is unimportant.  Here’s how David Hume at Secular Right puts it (emphasis in the original):

The Democratic victories of 2006 will be forgotten very soon, and to some extent those of 2008 will be too. But the policies enacted by the Congress of 2008 will impact us in our day to day lives for generations. They already are.

I don’t begrudge the Republicans their exultation after their likely victory in November. But this isn’t professional sports, it’s more than just a game, and it’s even more than just an avenue for professional advancement and self-glorification. Winning isn’t everything; it’s just a vanity which appeals to our baser animal instincts.

If Christine O’Donnell, Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party are what they seem – symbols of a reactionary tantrum, rather than a great awakening, even less a revolution – then Hume is right.

Update:  COD responds (the dog enhanced her résumé).

Update II:  Need some more excuses.

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  1. The commisars, (Lloyd, Van Jones, Holdren, Susstein) are tearing through the sinew of American institutions like the Langoliers, so what is our reaction, to that. Yes we need as powerful a force to repel that
    tide, so that the ‘cross of cap n trade’ is not ever pressed upon our
    brow. This is very weak tea, pardon the pun, being offered as a rebuttal.

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