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Which middle of which night

The effort to be rational, logical, and consistent, to communicate “normally,” spits out rants, ravings, fragments, unstable thought elements with fleeting half-lives or no lives at all, on its other side. It’s impossible to write one thing without at the

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Finer than frog’s hair

Even than this frog’s hair:  That’s a favorite answer of my Dad’s to “howyadoin?” and variations, and a reply to a kind inquiry from Mr. Miller via e-mail.  Apparently, I’m such a loudmouth that a couple days not blogging or

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On “Testing the Weird”: Not that I believe in ’em…

…but all the above really would seem to evidence is that the first 9 items don’t “work” (don’t seem to serve those seeking to employ them) under conditions of, or in certain settings within, “modern capitalism.”  We already knew that.

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Mammals and amphibians kind of together – UPDATED

To show you just how much cross-species solidarity I’m capable of, I’m actually kind of watching the Yankees and rooting for them.  At least it’s on in the other room, and I intend to consider paying close attention.   I

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Contention of the Day – Cut to the Bone

Ryan Avent in The Economist: Britain’s conservatives have gambled heavily. If deep budget cuts amid economic weakness send the economy plunging back into recession, the government may be unable to make the cuts stick, and austerity could be discredited around

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Chris Cillizza suggests that the following Jerry Brown ad “us[es] a familiar tactic” and could be “dropped into a Daily Show segment.”  The latter point verges on praise for a mere campaign ad, but I think it underrates the brilliance

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Public Lessons: Pedophilia, Bullying, and the Case of Alex Knepper

We are far from having worked this matter out even after 3,000 years of intensive labor, and far from knowing where they will lead, other than, from time to time, to tragedy.

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Being pulled apart several ways en ce moment – excuse the pretentious French, but the Yanqui poetaster Phrog got me thinking phrog frases – which I guess is almost phrog strawberries – as I was saying am being pulled in

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Defend Michele Bachmann Against Kenyan Satanist Islamist Attack!

Who should turn up in my inbox today but my “friend” Michele Bachmann…  She wants my money to help defend her against “crude attacks from the Left,” including the “shocking, profanity-laced attack” shown below.   Please, sit down or pull over

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Disastrous consequences

John Steele Gordon at Contentions: Krugman, Herbert, and the business-as-usual political establishment they speak for are unable to process the information that there is a limit to the debt burden even so fabulously rich a country as the United States

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