Defend Michele Bachmann Against Kenyan Satanist Islamist Attack!

Who should turn up in my inbox today but my “friend” Michele Bachmann…  She wants my money to help defend her against “crude attacks from the Left,” including the “shocking, profanity-laced attack” shown below.   Please, sit down or pull over to the side of the road before viewing. Come to think of it, those of you who are not Bachmann supporters might want to update your wills and be sure your affairs are in order – any DNR requests readily to hand for your next of kin, just in case the YouTube in question causes brain death, yet doesn’t manage to still your beating heart:

I felt no need to warn the Bachmann supporters:  They are presumably (at least MB so presumes) already brain-dead, or freely hallucinating anyway, or trusting as babes and so unlikely to check whether Michele or her husband Marcus (whose own letter is part of the fundraising pitch) is making sense or coming within range of it.

Or consider Bachmann’s fellow Minnesotan Ed Morrissey.  This next one isn’t a big deal either – just another typical moment tripping along the borderline between inanity and insanity.  The HotAir headline:

Bloomberg poll shows 4 in 10 Obama supporters now opposing him

The actual report says:  “More than 4 of 10 likely voters who say they once considered themselves Obama backers now are either less supportive or say they no longer support him at all.”  In Morrissey’s universe, in which cheer-leading for the Right is apparently much more important than informing one’s readers, “less supportive or say they no longer support” = “oppose.”  It’s not that the figures represent great news for O.  So why spin – that is, lie – that is demonstrate that you’re toadly fullo *&()*^#?  (One commenter out of 90+, did happen to notice what Ed was doing – an old opponent of mine whom I now fear was probably more right than I was way back when, a year ago, even if I “won” every argument. )

What reason is there for anyone to believe that a party or movement prevaricating its way into office will wake up the day after reborn as truth-tellers?

All indications seem to be that the Republican wave of Tea is fully on schedule for November, but a movement whose leaders feel the need to lie so blatantly, or who are too pathological or dim to know they’re lying, or who know that their supporters are too distracted or stupid or both to tell the difference… that’s a movement moving toward some very unhappy collisions with reality.

Apologies for the profanity-laced post.

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  1. She was against TARP, which was the lifeline to Wall Street, she has opposed the stimulus, which seems to be targeted toward makework
    jobs and dead people and convicts, she first surfaced the critique of the FCCER that became the Death Panel, what’s the problem again

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