Being pulled apart several ways en ce moment – excuse the pretentious French, but the Yanqui poetaster Phrog got me thinking phrog frases – which I guess is almost phrog strawberries – as I was saying am being pulled in several directions at once, maybe not quite apart though, just pulled – by the way what is the difference between pulled pork and jerked chicken other than pork v chicken, and do it have any relation to beef jerky?  These are the kinds of questions that in a better world sensitive minds could answer to the extent such questions are indeed answerable, or lookupable via Google searches, but under our harsh and unforgiving genocidal order, that’s not possible, even tsars work hard for a living.  It occurs to me that I oughta take this sitch as a challenge to blog sharper, faster, maybe even in some way better or at least bloggier – more automatically at the risk of possibly irresponsibly.  And so that’s what you’re gonna get, and you better like it cuz the alternative ain’t even pixels.

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  1. @ Scott Miller:
    Well, I’m a gettin ready to get ready to try something like that… posting more off the cuff… shoot first, ask questions later… However, it seems every time I start getting in the mode to get in that mode, two things happen – I shoot my wad commenting instead of posting, and I get caught up in writing some longer than intended post that I should have just put up at a much earlier point.

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