Super up to the microsecond interactive election coverage (live remote inside my head)

ok ok ok so voted had to go to the PO second time twas on the way so why not found my sample ballot pretty easy but didn’t use it until right now voted stay Jerry my friends hah! take that Meg Whitman you you eh never really developed a whole lot of passion against Meg Whitman she just convinced me in the primary she was an unimaginative squish “Chelene Nightingale” wins “Best Candidate Name” but I’m not so far gone it’d make me vote American Independent for LtGov Gavin Newsom take that Kimberly Guilfoyle Fox News! for all I know you’re still on good terms with him but anyway seemed like a sharp leftist and it’ll help piss off the Oklafornians Treasurer go for Lockyer the best “reasonable man” who used the word “cant” for nonsense in his ad Attorney General Kamala Harris pretty name plus pisses off the Oklafornians Senator for Boxer especially because Fiorina couldn’t keep her nose out of the Ground Zero Mosque thing stupid Islamophobe Republicans against Dreier too plus the Democrat’s a book publisher of all things as for the rest found a Green to vote for for old times’ sake but mostly I hardly even know what they do or who they are why do we vote for judges we’ve never heard of so skipped ’em except for one lady whose opponent tried to make an issue out of her last name and some weird anti-Asian thing it was pathetic now on to the propositions forgot my JE Dyer Oklafornian voter guide was just going to vote the opposite but was easy yes on 19 and everything that looked like bigger government and higher taxes and you can put all that into your pipe and smoke it consider yourself canceled out

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  1. Y’a be sounding like a sort of naval-grazing,redneck-baiting welfare Cadislacker what’s been smoking it all up in some speakeasy using a phony roll of working papers.

  2. Well it’s a good college try, although you must admit, my entry had more elegance to it, I can’t say that Mike “Iceberg” Murphy doesn’t come off as underwhelming, Fiorina took a particular anti GZM stance, when Prince Talal is saying ‘no mas’ it’s time to call in the towel, btw, Ellmers won, so the repugnance will ‘suddenly be obscured, AS for California’s seemingly irreductable fate, I say ‘bring on the Cadres,
    after the greate wake

  3. Harry Reid hanging on

    A Republican operative even aired an ad explicitly telling Hispanics not to vote.

    That, coupled with Angle’s inflammatory ads using images of Hispanic youth dressed as gang members drove some Hispanic voters to the polls.

    “That was the final straw,” Gilberto Ramirez, a Reno concrete worker who recently obtained his citizenship and voted for the first time. “She was depicting me as a gang member. I served seven years in the Marine Corps.”

  4. Brown destroyed Whitman among Latinos as well, and Latinos may turn out to be the difference in Fiorina-Boxer, although women seem also to have stayed home among Dems in California. They voted heavily for Brown over Whitman. Haven’t seen any results for Boxer-Fiorina, but I bet it was the same.

    Abortion, guns, health care and the “nanny state,” immigration, environmental protection – it all cuts differently out here in the “progressive West.”

    It’s a bit counterintuitive, but the extremity of the R wave may have made it more difficult for Whitman and Fiorina, since they had to run to the right in the primaries, and weren’t able to recapture the center. Fiorina was happy with Palin’s primary endorsement, but it weighed her down afterward.

    And the Rs maybe ought to count themselves lucky that CO’D, Sharron Angle, and possibly Miller, possibly Buck aren’t going to be weighing them down and grabbing headlines as part of a Senate majority.

  5. @ fuster:
    My darling Kamala seems to be running fairly far behind the evil Cooley. Early returns seem to favor the Rs a bit – the race has been called for Boxer, but they have Fiorina ahead. I think the gap’s too big to be made up.

  6. Yes ‘Progressive’ is yet another word for stupid, it’s way too dangerous to have let Reid back in, although the Murkowski thing
    is far from assured.

  7. You’re steering right into the Iceberg, as the old line goes, ‘You eventually run out of other people’s money,’ and these moves have moved us from 25 to 35 knotts, full speed ahead

  8. @ miguel cervantes:
    You seem to have a hard time telling the difference between an empty opinion that you hope is correct and an actual argument. In the meantime, self-confidently referring to your opponents as “stupid” is just plain… dysfunctional.

  9. No honestly, you deserve what you get it’s like, to use another metaphor, ‘lopping off limbs unneccesarily’. ‘Welfare rather than jobs.’ that may be the consequence, but hopefully not the goal

  10. miguel cervantes wrote:

    No honestly, you deserve what you get it’s like, to use another metaphor, ‘lopping off limbs unneccesarily’. ‘Welfare rather than jobs.’ that may be the consequence, but hopefully not the goal

    This is all taking place in your mind. It’s just your ideology speaking to itself, empty phrases about empty phrases, sound bites biting sound bites. You don’t have the slightest idea what Californians sense, experience, or want, and your apparent belief in your objective knowledge of what’s good for them or ought to be good for them is just another delusion. Spend all day cursing in the mirror about stupid Californians getting what they deserve – it’s just “verbage” as Tea Party Gorgo likes to say.

  11. This is interfering with you guys’ poetry. He’s right, Miguel. Face facts, give up the sound biting, and get back to the Byzantine aphorisms we all know and love. Let the creativity flow.

  12. I think some of the crazier dystopias you cooked up for Sliders, are on tap, after some of these local races, Scott, that one about California
    under occupation to cite one example. We turned down HP and we’re
    getting Texas Instruments, doesn’t seem a good exchange

  13. @ miguel cervantes:
    You’re right, it doesn’t. And after reading George’s comments on the next post I came back to this one where there’s relative sanity. At least you were just calling progressives stupid. That’s nothing compared to George thinking the hippies are responsible for the Christian fundamentalist take-over. That one really takes the cake.

  14. And the sad part is that a few really smart, creative professors I know have been reading the blog and I think they were just about to start participating. Once they get a load of the “progressives are stupid” and the “hippies caused…” stuff, thought, it’s over. Oh, well.

  15. @ Scott Miller:
    It’s the internet, Mr. Miller. You never know what may turn up. The occasional “progressives have cooties” is the price of admission to any forum for the free exchange of ideas. If you can’t handle that, may be best never to get started.

  16. I don’t know, make me an argument, “If This Goes On” how does the whole thing not fall apart, maybe not in the fashion of Bartolomew IZ and the Yellow Jackets but awfully close

  17. miguel cervantes wrote:

    I don’t know, make me an argument, “If This Goes On” how does the whole thing not fall apart

    The burden is on the apocalyptics to explain why the rare-to-unprecedented event that they expect is likely to happen, and, if it is likely to happen, how whatever measures they advocate have a reasonable chance of averting it. Without both, it’s the Chicken Little show that social-cultural reaction puts on too distract itself and others from what it’s really about.

    The sky falling on your self-image isn’t the same thing as a brick through my window – until you make it so. On the other hand, if the “whole thing” really is already falling apart, then it’s too late to save the “whole thing.” “Whole thing”‘s in dire jeopardy don’t get saved. At most, the timing and shape of the collapse might be affected – of great importance to large numbers of people, but of little or none to the larger story. Tea Party Gorgo will in that case end up as a symptom. Her politics might offer some principles for including one group in the citadel, excluding another, and propelling a struggle between the two. She is not going to change the ending.

  18. WEll you’ve really turned this place into Frum Forum West, so the professors should be glad to come here, the apologias for the unforgivable, the apologetics for Ahmadinejad.

    Every vote for Boxer, Reid, Murray, was like slashing the body politic with a straight razor. Those that looked down on Angle and McDonnell
    own whatever horrid appointment Obama offers

  19. Jeez. I thought Miguel and I were buried in a lost Post a Comment space and then all this happens. CK always told me that things don’t always die out even when they seem pretty much dead. So I’ll keep that in mind. My professor comment was just meant to keep me out of trouble really, since CK was handling what George was writing and had already tried to help Miguel. My imput at that point would have been more destructive.bob wrote:

    You shoulda told us – we coulda been on our best behavior – we woulda won the triple crown for ya

    And I like you guys just they way you are. Maybe CK or Fuster can post a video of “Don’t Go Changin'” I think that was the name of that horrible song.

  20. @ miguel cervantes:
    Wish we had FrumForum’s endowment – don’t think we have its politics. You’d have more company if the people who thought and express themselves as you do – if generally more temperately – could handle the discussion… that is, if they were more interested in discussion than in having their prejudices affirmed and reinforced.

  21. @ fuster:
    I was thinking, oh, man, both of them posted the song. But yours is not Don’t Go Changin. Did you do that on purpose? Funny if you did.

  22. Now seriously, Herr Frosch, do you think electing Andrew the Lesser, will improve the situation in Albany, No I wasn’t crazy about Paladino, I supported McCollum in the primary, just as with Guiliani, two and a half years ago

  23. @ miguel cervantes:Most seriously, if my choice is between someone who might not do a good job as governor and someone who’s a total choleric creep and an obviously uncontrollable fool, I guess I’m not gonna be voting Paladino…or Miller….. or O’Donnell …or Palin.

    I understand many of the problems with the woolly-headed stupid pieties that the liberals are oft too dim to avert, but fielding a slate of equally or even more shallow candidates in opposition is only going to make things worse.

    I’m not sure that you would agree with me, but I’d venture that our political system is designed to work best when there is elected two different groups of people with different ideas and a single determination to work together and produce a muddled result.

  24. Well if you faced a Russian roulette with Maddow’s favorite candidate, an almost genetic hack in Leeza GetSometsky, and someone like Miller
    which way would you vote, put it another way, if it was Paladino, Lazio and Cuomo, how would you have voted

  25. @ miguel cervantes: ABPaladino. You don’t vote for anyone who turns purple and spits when asked questions that he won’t answer.

    And you don’t ever vote for someone like Joe Miller. You take the beat-down from his hired goons before you do that.

  26. Well he had Roger Stone on his payroll, and he amps up the creep factor, but consider how Steele when he was running for Senate in 2006, had his credit records ramsacked by someone on Schumer’s staff

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