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Though I almost always have voted in any election that has struck me as potentially interesting or important, I’m flirting heavily with the idea of not voting this time around, succumbing entirely to the alienation/anomie of being one vote among millions, unlikely to decide anything, and, if by some strange quirk of fate decisive, no more so than any of the other millions, voting and non-voting, to a result no more or less “just” than a coin-flip anyway.  The election has been a great annoyance, up to ten pieces of expensively printed campaign mailers arriving every day, five or more telephone calls from recorded voices, complicated claims and counter-claims about ballot propositions and who is behind them and what they’d do.   I’m as ready to launch my pointless protest against that as against any candidate or proposition I dislike, and to vote my own meaningless sense of superiority rather than my meaningless sense of any particular candidate’s superiority over some other candidate, my concrete opinion of my own dignity over my ten-millionth of an opinion on legalizing pot or letting legislators vote fee increases by majority vote or whatever that thing was supposed to be about…

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  1. I flirted heavily with the same idea for the same reasons and then my wife was going to the polls and I went too. You’ll probably get some flack for writing what you wrote, so I just wanted there to be at least one supportive comment here, even though it’s written by someone who did end up voting. If you don’t, I understand.

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