…power outage…

Tis a windy mess in Upland, California.  My neighborhood has been without power all day, and there is some possibility that service won’t be restored until tomorrow morning, or so I’ve heard.  Then again, it may be back by the time I return home…

My main purpose in this post is just to explain why any e-mails or comments have gone unanswered.  I’m using the “express internet” computer at a public library, and  have only a few minutes on it left – so that’ll be all for now.

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  1. wow, there are public libraries in California.
    I woulda thought from reading JED that they were all sold off to pay for the free drugs and liquor entitlement for the illegal immigrant welfare-queen girlfriends and children of Central American gang members.

  2. @ CK MacLeod:
    In the days of radio, I always loved the Jack Benny program. Whenever a railroad station was part of the plot, one always heard the announcement, “Train leaving on Track 5 for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cucamonga.” I hadn’t realized that was the part of California you lived in until you mentioned Upland.

  3. @ George Jochnowitz:
    My Dad is also fond of that announcement. I’m within throwing distance of the border between Rancho Cucamonga – one calls it “Rancho” down ’round here – and Upland. I don’t know the whole story, whether Benny helped develop the area, but there’s a Jack Benny Way and a Rochester Avenue in Rancho, and a statue of Benny outside the Rancho sports stadium (“The Epicenter,” home of “The Quakes”!).

  4. Them railroads in California were just the beginning of the destruction of the place and the internal combustling just hastened the wastage.
    Back when mule teams were running things and offering employment opportunities and sage coaching to a youngish Ronald Reagan (PBUH), things were good and no Okies were locomoting into the Sunshine State and illegally trying to live and work and eat all over the place.

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