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UPDATE: Go to the new RecBrow page and you will find a RecBrow submission form that should make this process incredibly easy!   If you’re a logged-in author, your submissions will appear immediately.  (If you’re STILL unsure about what you’re doing, you can instead go to the normal editing screen and try a draft instead.)  Other users will have to go through moderation.  (Still working on some minor formatting issues, so, for now, try to keep the author names and titles of the items reasonably short in length, unless it pleases you to expose the Web Tsar’s inadequacies.)

Here’s a preview version of a new Recommended Browsing format:

[get_posts category=”2043″ numberposts=”10″ fields=”comment_count” fields_classes=”get_posts_count” ]

Eventually I think we’ll have 5 to 10 constantly updating items “sticky-posted” at the top of the blog, along with a page you can visit to view a larger selection.  Alternatively, it could go in the sidebar.  Still thinking about it – am just glad that I’ve figured it out this far.   It’s NOT ready for you to try to break it, but more for those of you who are authors (or who decide to become authors) to familiarize yourself with the basic idea.

It’s based on the HotAir “headlines” section in some respects, and the main difference between this version and old versions is that each “item” links both to whatever article, blog post, YouTube, etc., as well as to a separate post that you can reach by clicking on the Comments link.  These separate item/posts will not show up on the blog front page, but will otherwise be just like other posts.

In order to add an “item,” you need to create a post just as you would normally.  The title of the post is what will show up in the list. Here’s what you need to keep in mind.

1.  You need to select the category Recommended Browsing from the Categories List to make it show up.

2.  Don’t make the title of the post too long until and unless I’ve futzed with it a little more formatting-wise, unless you take special pleasure in making the blog look stupid.

3.  The content of the post should include a text-link and blockquoted text or other material from the item.  These will serve multiple purposes:  highlighting what you found most interesting in the article or blog-post; directing any discussion; providing readers an easy way to find the full piece; and “pinging” bloggers and others who take trackbacks from WordPress blogs.  The last is one of the best reasons to “do it this way.”

4.   To make things work right you need to fill in two, only two, “custom fields.”  On the editing screen, scroll down a bit to the “Custom Fields” box.   You’ll fill in “link” and “linkauthor”:  The former is the raw hyperlink copied from your address bar; the latter could be the name of the author, the name of the blog or news service or web-site, whatever you think is relevant.    Here’s what it looks like on the editing screen:

click for readable image

That’s it – once you’ve done it once, it should be as easy as recommending links, though at some later date I may whip up a submission form of some kind.  Best would be if you used one or another blogging helper application – a thingamajig you can attach to your browser that you can utilize whenever you’re browsing around, without having to go back to the blog and go to the “add new post” screen.

Try it out, let me know if you have any questions.  I’m still thinking about how to format it –  so suggestions are welcome.

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  1. @ miguel cervantes:
    aw, c’mon, migs, try it out with the submission form and let me know if it doesn’t work…

    @ bob:
    Just checked the submssion form out on Internet Explorer – have you tried clicking “compatibility view” – it’s the little broken-page looking thing right next to the address bar… will also see eventually if I can find a correction…

    …do you know how much many web designers hate Internet Explorer?

  2. @ bob:
    Could be you have an old, old version of IE… though you’d be encountering similar problems all over the place if you did… For Compatibility View there’s a little rectangular icon with a crooked line running horizontally through its middle, right in between the address bar and the reload arrows. It’s a toggle. Can also be found under the Tools menu. If it’s not in either place… then maybe you ought to upgrade or try out a new browser like Firefox or Chrome, both free and much faster than IE as a rule. Firefox includes all sorts of nifty add-ons you can niftily add on.

  3. @ CK MacLeod:

    OK – tomorrow.

    The whole “dude” thing passed me by. Back in the day only Cheech and Chong said “dude”. When my daughter was a tween I watched a show called Hey Dude with her. Then it started turning up in commercials and my daughters college friends would come over and say dude to each other with no irony at all.

    So an old browser aint nothing.

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