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We Watch “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” So You Don’t Have To | FrumForum

The ratings for Sarah Palin’s Alaska have recently been taking a nosedive. Since we at FrumForum reportedly obsess over everything and anything Palin, we feel the need to do our part to step up and support the burgeoning reality TV careers of Sarah, Todd, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Track, Trig, Tripp, and anyone else who signed a release.

With that we introduce: We Watch ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ So You Don’t Have To. We will watch episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska as they air, and provide our up-to-the-minute commentary on both the awe-inspiring scenery in Alaska, as well as Palin’s remarkable ability to find culture-war fodder in all her outdoor activities. As Palin recently said on twitter:

“Tomorrow-”Sarah Palin’s Alaska” we slay salmon. A bunch of ‘em. (Watch the Left’s reaction to that, if harvesting halibut freaked them out!)”

Because if there is one thing liberal elites can’t stand, it is fishing.

Tonight’s episode promises both excitement (salmon fishing!) and emotion (cousins with Down syndrome.) Will Willow successfully gut the fish? Will Palin use her cousin with Down syndrome to tout pro-life talking points? Tune in, and follow our liveblog at 9pm ET to find out!


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