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Minsky-Hegelian economics: We were doomed all along by our success

The Instability of Moderation – The very success of central-bank-led stabilization, combined with financial deregulation – itself a by-product of the revival of free-market fundamentalism – set the stage for a crisis too big for the central bankers to

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Beck, you magnificent bastard…

The Beck of Revelation by Mark Lilla | The New York Review of Books Beck is the most gifted demagogue America has produced since Father Coughlin made his populist broadcasts during the Great Depression. In the course of one radio

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Karzai turns against the West

NATO’s Dangerous Wager with Karzai by Ahmed Rashid | NYRBlog | The New York Review of Books   Lasting nearly two hours, my off-the-record conversation with Karzai was vigorous, and at times I strongly pushed back, reminding him of his

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East-West Past-Future Materialist-Spiritualist Fusion

I know I should be coming up with a Thanskgiving message – how about “Thanks for sticking around!”? – or watching football, or cleaning up the house while preparing to head out for the family shindig.  Instead, I found myself

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New universe, just like the old universe

Have we found the universe that existed before the Big Bang? Sir Roger Penrose, one of the most renowned physicists of the last fifty years, takes issue with this view. He points out that the universe was apparently born in

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Is the American system broken?: Yglesias v Wehner, with a brief from Sullivan

Economist Debates: US politics: Moderator: Let us just reflect that America is not Ireland or Greece. Its debt is still manageable, the government has no problem raising the cash it needs (the opposite actually: bond yields are at historic lows)

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One Last “Is Palin Running?” Book Boomlet Piece

ComPost – Can Palin win? Is that halibut she clubbed completely deceased? Still, viewed as an electability audition, Palin’s series is not going particularly well. Nearly every moment of the second episode’s Commercial Halibut Fishing Trip was — to any

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Well, she used to be pretty good at political horserace coverage, so maybe the WaPo isn’t totally out of its mind…

Washington Post hires conservative blogger – Yahoo! News I’m delighted to announce that Jennifer Rubin will be joining The Post with the launch of a new blog next month. Jennifer will provide critical news coverage and commentary, with an exacting

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Kim-Jong un valiantly defending every micrometer

North Korean dictator-in-waiting linked to deadly artillery attack The north’s military ”will continue to make merciless military attacks with no hesitation if the South Korean enemy dares to invade our sea territory by 0.001 mm”, it said in the statement

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