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Death to Zombie Contentions!

There are a number of things we could do if we wanted this blog to become “more” than it is.  I’ve frequently considered writing posts on the subject – proposing new site features or initiatives, exploring ways to bring back

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…power outage…

Tis a windy mess in Upland, California.  My neighborhood has been without power all day, and there is some possibility that service won’t be restored until tomorrow morning, or so I’ve heard.  Then again, it may be back by the

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speculation on the leftward tilt of popular culture

(Continuing on a question posed by miguel cervantes in the “Exceptionally Exceptional” comment thread – open to thoughts and suggestions for further development of the idea.) There is no popular culture that is not in the broad sense a leftwing

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Exceptionally Exceptional

In order to support a strong hypothesis – that the American public has been fed a “Big Lie” about the President being an “anti-American hyper-leftist… spending the US into oblivion,” Andrew Sullivan proposes – or, rather, conducts and concludes –

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years and infirmities heavy upon him

Frequently when I look at my 17-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Buddy, a phrasing from the opening lines of Eugene O’Neill’s The Last Will & Testament of an Extremely Distinguished Dog goes through my mind:  “…the burden of my years and

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No exceptionalism to the rule…

Even when confronting striking evidence that something is wrong and that no one has an implementable solution, even when imagining that at least they have stepped outside of political-philosophical gridlock, American pundits, politicians, and popular historians write with unquestioning optimism

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Contention of the Woche – The Desperate States of Amerika

Good night, America: Die Amerikaner träumten einen Traum, der sie zur Nation machte, den Traum von Aufstieg und Reichtum für alle. Nun müssen die USA erkennen, wie fragil ihr System ist und wie bitter die Realität – die Supermacht findet

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Super up to the microsecond interactive election coverage (live remote inside my head)

ok ok ok so voted had to go to the PO second time twas on the way so why not found my sample ballot pretty easy but didn’t use it until right now voted stay Jerry my friends hah! take

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Up to the moment highly interactive superhightech election coverage…

Though I almost always have voted in any election that has struck me as potentially interesting or important, I’m flirting heavily with the idea of not voting this time around, succumbing entirely to the alienation/anomie of being one vote among

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