Zombie Contentions Year in Review

YouTube – Every Zombie Death in “The Walking Dead”

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  1. The series came to a crossroads at the end of the midseason finale, and took it. Seeing as even the French eventually succumbed (snorfle)
    what is the point of the story, anymore. They might some small colony in Charleston or Richmond, then what.

  2. @ miguel cervantes:
    The point of the story is finding the point of the story, as with most stories.

    What I disliked most about the finale is that no one seriously and thoughtfully interrogated the CDC dude about the state of things – any clues as to where people might conceivably be holding out, also for how long the zombies could be expected to continue zombie-ing around after having consumed all available food sources, and many other questions that someone would want answered in detail while trying to calculate the odds in favor of this, that, or the other alternative survival scheme.

    Someone somewhere – NORAD, the Arctic circle, etc. – really lots of people in lots of places, should have been able to escape this particular plague, which appears to be communicable by direct contact only. The world is actually a pretty big place, with lots of wide open or geographically or otherwise isolated, uninhabited or very sparsely inhabited spaces that a zombie would have great difficulty reaching.

    As we have also found at ZC.

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