Real World for Xmas?

Am connecting now on a friend’s laptop, off a weak WiFi signal stolen from a neighbor’s router. Time Warner Cable’s left helping hand doesn’t know what its right helping hand is doing – and seems to possess and to be giving out conflicting info on whether it’s an area problem, probably related to heavy rain, or just an individual connection problem, possibly related to sins committed during a previous life. The truth is that it’s at a minimum a neighborhood problem, since at least two of my neighbors are affected. Most cruelly, even though we have some TV – CNN, ESPN, ABC, FOX down; CBS up; NBC breaking up and weird, etc. – at this point it looks unlikely that we’ll have the Lakers-Heat in HD on Xmas. I may actually have to go to someone’s house or a sports bar… and socialize… in 3-D…

Ecch. Oh well- at least it wasn’t a mudslide wiping out my family’s house and possessions and killing my dog, as happened not too far a drive from here.

Don’t currently expect things back to normal until the 27th at earliest – unless the left hand fixes the “node” before the right hand arrives for the scheduled service appointment.

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  1. Can’t J give you the address of a nearby Central American illegal immigrant family living off of welfare payments and proceeds from their violent crime sprees, so that you may watch the game on a stolen giant-screen tv while you sip the traditional food-stamp purchased malt liquor and rum, suck down that good Californian weed/crack combo, and fire off Texas-made full auto weaponry when your boyz throw down on the Heat?

  2. Colin, I know a place in Riverside where you can watch the game. You have the numbers. Use them or risk being thought of in a dark light.

  3. @ Scott Miller:

    Seriously, am seriously giving it serious consideration. Seriously.

    It’s just me, I hate going places and having things to do, and Christmas is my traditional day of not doing anything, period, my Christmas presence, my super-Sabbath.

  4. Going to call you when I can, which will be noon Sat. my family, such as it is at this point, will already be done with the whole Xmas thing, so it will only be us and the game. Easy. You can do it. There won’t be anything christmasy at all. No tree, no nothin. Just basketball and a beer if you want it.

  5. @ Scott Miller:
    Appreciate the offer muchly. HD?

    Unfortunately – well, actually rather wonderfully in some respects, though not this one – you cannot call me, nor can I call you, as my telephone service has also been shut down as a result of this here fustercluck. I should be able to check my e-mail now, probably later, probably tomorrow. Fingers crossed the connection connects. But please don’t think of me in a dark light, regardless of how things work out, especially considering how it’s all your fault.

  6. 1350 inertia sick dogs messes coughing inertia intermittent connectivity finagled low-res connection to ABC Boston-Orlando 30 mins to Riverside inertia no address no phone directions could pester neighbors I guess bog incredibly beautiful day writing some stuff inertia let’s get together when I’m done with this version of WIHY wouldn’t be rushed to get home and clean up Buddy mess give Annie her (chronic deep wheezing cough) medicine… right on cue Buddy pisses on the carpet right in front of me already too late not to make it a rush to figure out where you are how to get there even without giving dogs a thorough walk inertia triumphed please no dark light already have dark light lately woe is me ok not really such a big deal but gimme a break even a more functional type would take a rain check or tell a white lie…

    …thanks for the offer… meant it when I said I appreciated it…

  7. Can I have some Clippers, too? The Lakers have taken this “regular season doesn’t matter” thing too far. I’ve been a Laker fan for longer that I want to admit, but I see nothing about them right now to root for. I’d actually rather watch the Clippers fight with destiny and their nutsoid owner – did you hear about him heckling his own team? – than watch this Lakers team half-ass their way through a season. It’s like they’re still exhausted from that game 7 victory over the Celtics. Maybe Phil should have retired. Maybe talking down the Xmas game was symptomatic. If he doesn’t care, if they don’t care, then how can we?

  8. CK MacLeod wrote:

    If he doesn’t care, if they don’t care, then how can we?

    Very interesting question. Leading you near to George’s position that pro sports aren’t a worthwhile interest.

    I would say that what the pro athlete and coach cares about need not always be identical to that of the fan.

    I’d like some clippers as well. Mine keep disappearing and my nail care is not what it should be.
    But you probably don’t care.

  9. fuster wrote:

    Leading you near to George’s position that pro sports aren’t a worthwhile interest.

    Intrinsically they are of no interest at all, just like existence in general. As the great Tom Lehrer said, “Life is like a sewer. What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.” That goes doubly for sports. Sport is neither beautiful nor useful when it’s not pursued as though it matters.

    I would care about your nail care a lot if frogs had nails.

  10. I think there’s enough Clipperness to go around. So, sure, you guys can have some. They are really fun to watch, actually. Welcome aboard–claws and all.

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