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Obama’s Just Biding His Time (Welcome to 1948)

p m carpenter’s commentary: Welcome to 1948 The timing of Obama’s D-Day offensive against the recalcitrant GOP remains precarious. My initial thoughts were, for reasons explained, that he’d dismiss the tax-cut issue as his artillery-opening opportunity, but use it to

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Julian Mnemonic: “Touch me and I take everything down” – WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant ‘Insurance’ File if Shut Down Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has circulated across the internet an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored documents suspected to include files on BP and Guantanamo Bay. One

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Hot Conservative on Conservative DADT Action

Right-Wing Vets Torn on DADT | Mother Jones   One of these conservatives offers a considered opinion and a fundamental belief in the American political process. The other parrots conservatism as we most often see it today, in fire-eating congressmen,

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cows & cows & cows

YouTube – cows & cows & cows  

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Know what? Jeffrey Goldberg’s kind of a jerk

More Bogus Charges from Jeffrey Goldberg (sigh) | Stephen M. Walt I suspect that what really ticks Goldberg off is this: My co-author and I (and a few others) have had the temerity to write critically about the political role

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Know what? John Derbyshire’s kind of a repulsive jerk…

Commentary » Blog Archive » A Response to John Derbyshire This belief about inherent human dignity does not mean that America can solve every problem in the world or that we shouldn’t focus most of our energy and treasure on

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Literary Brain, Digital Universe

CultureLab: Storytelling 2.0: When new narratives meet old brains If we create our selves through narratives, whether external or internal, they are traditional ones, with protagonists and antagonists and a prescribed relationship between narrators, characters and listeners. They have linear

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Any attempt to expose the crucifixion as mere fiction repeats what is supposed to be erased. To proclaim the falseness or the mere historicity, merely human reality of the crucifixion is to seek the death of Jesus Christ all over again, to re-crucify [h]im in stripping [h]im of divinity. Yet the same must be true of any attempt to take possession of His sacrifice, as a mere precious object to be defended against the comfort, however distorted by agony, the dying might take in it. …and so the tableau repeats itself again, and again, forever…

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Palin around with populists on the bridge to nowhere

Right Turn – The myth of Palin’s frontrunner status For months now the real story on the right has been the search for new presidential contenders. There is far more awareness than many in the media imagine among conservative activists,

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Palin around with populists all the way to the White House

Sour economy could put Sarah Palin in the White House – As I believe will become clearer, the Palin Strategy will involve a political threat to the GOP establishment: Deny her the nomination she’ll run as independent. This will

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