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Supporting Change in Egypt is the Real “Realist” Option for the US

Why Obama Should Tell Mubarak to Step Down | Stephen M. Walt In fact, this is one of those fortunate moments when the United States does not  face a clear tradeoff between its moral sympathies and its strategic imperatives. For

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Field Studies in Zionism vs. Messianism

The key sentences from the Open Letter to President Barack Obama by Middle East/Foreign Policy academics could be the following: There is another lesson from this crisis, a lesson not for the Egyptian government but for our own. In order

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Open Letter to Barack Obama from Middle East/Foreign Policy Academics

An Open Letter to President Barack Obama | Accuracy.Org Dear President Obama: As political scientists, historians, and researchers in related fields who have studied the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy, we the undersigned believe you have a chance to

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Gaming out the Egyptian Aftermath

The Egypt Crisis in a Global Context: A Special Report | STRATFOR There is thus a scenario that would potentially strengthen the radical Islamists while putting the United States, Israel, and potentially even Iran at a disadvantage, all for different

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Fair and Elder-Abusive

Fox Geezer Syndrome | FrumForum Used to be I would call my mom and get updated on news from the neighborhood, her garden, the grandchildren, hometown gossip, and so forth. I’ve always been interested in politics, but never had the

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The Real Players in Egypt

The Egyptian Unrest: A Special Report | STRATFOR After three decades of Mubarak rule, a window of opportunity has opened for various political forces — from the moderate to the extreme — that preferred to keep the spotlight on the

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Israel Opposes Change in Egypt

Concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood: Israel Fears Regime Change in Egypt – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International “If regime change occurs in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood would take the helm, and that would have incalculable consequences for the region,”

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The Obama Administration Needs to Get on the Right Side on Egypt

Washington eyes a fateful day in Egypt | Marc Lynch   Washington’s hesitation isn’t hard to understand: for all the energy and passion on the street, Mubarak’s regime very well could survive and would remember well any wavering of U.S.

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Palin’s got it made!

Ed Morrissey: Palin has near-saturation levels of name recognition, which puts her far ahead of other potential nominees… …a huge plus, since EVERYONE knows her, and EVERYONE has such a high opinion of her.  Of course, she doesn’t need a

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The Arab Revolutions Shouldn’t, Yet Might, Spread

Will the Arab revolutions spread? | Marc Lynch   Most of the regimes seem to retain the foundations of their overt strength. Oil prices are tolerably high, security services loyal, elections thoroughly manipulated, Islamists repressed, international support strong. In short,

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