Yeah, surveyor’s symbols, that’s the ticket!

Palin staffer calls using tragedy to score political points ‘obscene’

Palinistas are furious over the accusations. Read here and here (just for starters). They blame the left using a tragedy to score political points. A Palin staffer, Rebecca Mansour told a radio talk show host Saturday that doing so is “obscene” and “appalling.” In fact, she said that the “target list” was not intended to allude to guns.

“We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sights,” she said.

“It’s surveyor’s symbols,” the interviewer Tammy Bruce suggested. Bruce, a Palin supporter, describes herself as “a gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, Tea Party Independent Conservative. ” Her show is promoted as a “chick with a gun and a microphone.”

Mansour agreed. She said that the graphic was contracted out to a professional. They approved it quickly without thinking about it. “We never imagined, it never occurred to us that anybody would consider it violent,” she said. Rather, she said, that it was simply “crosshairs that you would see on a map.”

There is “nothing irresponsible about our graphic,” she said.

She did not, however, mention the “don’t retreat, instead- RELOAD!” Palin tweet that went out shortly after the graphic was posted on both her Facebook page and SarahPac’s website, directing them to the graphic. The tweet turned quickly into a Palin mantra. Many, even then, urged her to stop using such violent rhetoric. If she heard them, she did not retreat.

The graphic remains on Palin’s Facebook page but was removed this morning on SarahPac’s website. Mansour said that removing it did not constitute a “scrub” of Palin’s site, as some had been alleging. She said that someone from SarahPac contacted her this morning, and was wondering if it should be taken down given the circumstances. She said that because the midterm elections had passed, it shouldn’t have been there anyway.


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  1. Yes, it’s known as a metaphor, to redouble one’s efforts, Coyne has really more incoherent as time goes by, then again, the paper that compared Joe Miller to Timothy McVeigh, has a problem with bright
    line distinctions.

  2. @ miguel cervantes:
    miggs, when the woman uses gun metaphors, and selects scripts for her TV appearances that show her shooting guns, it kinda leads a person to think that she’s not randomly selecting those gun metaphors.
    She goes ’round tweeting that blather about getting tough with them foreignors again and again and repeatedly calls other pols every kind of soft, wimp, elitist, Ivy-League, hoity-toity uncommitted to keeping America safe……

    the gun as metaphors gets a little blurry.

  3. @ fuster:
    Everything with the Palinistas seems to turn personal sooner or later… I still think that the political-cultural angle is stronger ground than the “how blameworthy is she” angle.

    This event, including the hilariously in(s)ane damage control in a very typical way, is interesting politically-culturally not because Palin and those evil Tea Partiers killed all those people as sure as if they pulled the trigger. Anyone who believes that would have to be deranged. It’s because it brands the period (that’s a cattle metaphor, not a marketing one) that we’ve been in ever since last November – the counter-wave. Almost everything that worked for the TP up until then now has the potential to work against it. Lots of things, excuse the metaphor, that once seemed right on target are now likely to, excuse the metaphor, backfire.

    I almost feel sorry for them – but then I read through a thread at HotAir on this subject, and remember why I lost interest. They really think that gnashing their teeth and wailing about the evil liberals can keep on working…

    This isn’t Oklahoma City, but the pattern, including the larger political context, is similar.

  4. Loughner does fit a pattern, of left-anarchists in a hurry, Bedell, who he mostly resembles, Stack, the communist leaning tax protestor, Bishop, the murderous professor with a record going back to Massachussetts, Lee, the Gore acolyte, common factors is they seem
    in capable of dealing with the realities of Democrats in power, Laughner’s been plotting since 2007, he had a particular aversion to
    moderates like Gifford. Now you call that recitation of facts, personal,

  5. @ CK MacLeod:

    It’s important that Palin attacks everybody and anyone who gets offended and attack what Palin is saying is spitting on traditional American value and the theory of Cretinism and her kids, in case that wasn’t clear. There’s a pattern of this that traces back to the Philby’s and Bloomsbury/Bilberg group of HebreoSaxonCommunists and Bristol could dance the pants off of Churchill (and SHE is not fat.)

  6. miguel cervantes wrote:

    Now you call that recitation of facts, personal,

    Nope. Never did. Motivation for indulging in it might be, but that probably goes for everyone in the debate sooner or later. I’m not sure what to call that recitation of factoids joined to a meaningless pseudo-political characterization, since somehow it left out McVeigh, James Earl Ray, and Lindsay Lohan.

  7. I’ll give you Poplawski (sic) but very few of the violent acts have matched that DHS memo, because it didn’t include violent ex cons
    like the late Van Bruenn, and Roeder. But the others would seem to form a pattern of behavior ‘suspicious activity’ as it were, if the press
    were interested in the truth,

  8. It’s just curious how somethings are never pointed out, like the fact that her church was vandalized, she was hung in effigy (unless spoken approvingly, as if she deserved it. That her personal emails were purloined and posted by unscrupulous parties, that might be mentioned on occasion,

    Yes, Laughner seems to be unbalanced in some way, but one is struck how his predilictions lean one way, and the media. and the idiot Sheriff are doing everything in their power, to scuttle the prospect of any justice in this matter.

  9. miguel cervantes wrote:

    one is struck how his predilictions lean one way

    if one reads about them mainly in web-sites whose predilections lean the other way, then, yes, one may well be so struck.

    What does the great hero Sheriff’s brilliant speechifying have to do with whether or not “justice” can be served?

    never pointed out, like the fact that her church was vandalized, she was hung in effigy (unless spoken approvingly, as if she deserved it. That her personal emails were purloined and posted by unscrupulous parties, that might be mentioned on occasion,

    if it was “never pointed out,” then how do you know about it? If it was pointed out, as seems obvious, what would have been adequate coverage? Maybe a nationwide week of mourning every year on the anniversary of the event?

    One a-hole in West Hollywood hanged an SP effigy on Halloween… the media leadership on FNC and elsewhere in “real America” day in and day out define Obama and the rest as enemy agents “Hell-bent” on destroying the country… But it’s that effigy that really sticks in your craw…

  10. When first i noticed that both the LA and NY Times and the CSM and the Washington Post had all run editorials entitled Fire Also Purifies it was puzzlement that I felt.
    But I read and read and followed the trail and it become less odd and started all to hang together as everything led to a small, unpublicized group working in the sub-sub-basement of the West Wing. Working there, yes, but none officially employed by the government, and instead funded by a front group acting on behalf of a loosely-knit association tied, through dummy corporations, to the Democratic National Committee (for a New Socialist World of Non-Hegemonic America).
    If this non-reported, but clearly press-approved, campaign to burn out the real American religious and freedom-lovingness passes the testing stage without being put in the cross-hairs and being thoroughly surveyed, burning of rightwing churches is going to be officially enshrined as a platform at the 2012 democrat Democratic National Socialist Convention.

  11. It is known, but not widely remarked upon, unless like the notion that she was sending instructions on his I phone, We know Axelrod, is
    a master of this swarm tactic, how he made his living, in between
    campaigns, We know that at least one party to this type of campaign
    was being rewarded with funds from the NEA, until it came to light,
    We also know that Democrats have not been unwilling to invent
    instances of church burnings, or even allude to them, to further their

  12. miguel cervantes wrote:

    We also know that Democrats have not been unwilling to invent
    instances of church burnings

    yes, yes, yes!!!! democrats insist on a nice church burning at all their larger gatherings. and, yes, they-all likes to light one off just ahead of announcing the agenda!

  13. The whole host of videos, edited of course, that suggested she was a secessionist, because she welcomed the party’s convention in her home town, or the ‘despoilment’ video, passed off as an exorcism, whereas actual records of her performance, like her interview with Charlie Rose, seemed to be buried in the Youtube stack

  14. @ miguel cervantes:
    Dude, let it go… It’s 2011 now. She was given her 2nd Act. She made the most of it. People have had plenty of opportunity to decide whether she is what they thought she was.

    I think she’s probably over. No need for you to be the last one to get the news. No one will blame you if you remain sympathetic and continue to hold out hope for her, but you might want to think about finding some other star to hitch your wagon to.

  15. @ fuster:
    Sure there are. I’d say SP is probably at the beginning of her 3rd Act already. If she’s just another movie, that’s the last act. If she’s something more significant, then it’s only about halfway through the narrative. It she’s epic, then there are more plays to come, and your great-great grandchilden will still be working it all out.

    I think I’ve made it clear which framework I consider most likely to apply.

  16. Yes the herd of conformist minds deems it so, also the Journolist, otherwise you would think the reality that the Tea Party has nothing
    to do with it, would have sunk in by now. Then again, the performance
    of the loquacious sheriff of Pima Cty, would be fully under investigation

  17. @ CK MacLeod:

    Me, I see her 25 years down the road and, as a senior advisor, to the Miley Ray Cyrus campaign, proving invaluable as she steers the candidate away from choosing a glitzy VP and toward selecting, for the gravitas factor, D D Bonaduce.

  18. @ fuster:
    The 3rd Act can cover an extended time period. Movie magic and all.

    Am turning over in my mind, which really ought to be elsewhere, whether it’s already too late for SP to do what Frum advises in the column I just RecBrowd. It would require SP to be different from who’s she’s been for a long time now… unless she actually would be perfectly content to bank her millions and hit the books now, and wait for the next moment. She’s still young. It would be disappointing to her fans and hangers-on, but it might be the best for all concerned. So maybe she’s right not to rise to this moment. Let her wrong persona, that’s served her so well but now needs to be discarded, be another “victim” of this atrocity.

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TV pundits and op-ed writers of every major newspaper epitomize how the Democratic establishment has already reached a consensus: the 2020 nominee must be a centrist, a Joe Biden, Cory Booker or Kamala Harris–type, preferably. They say that Joe Biden should "run because [his] populist image fits the Democrats’ most successful political strategy of the past generation" (David Leonhardt, New York Times), and though Biden "would be far from an ideal president," he "looks most like the person who could beat Trump" (David Ignatius, Washington Post). Likewise, the same elite pundit class is working overtime to torpedo left-Democratic candidates like Sanders.

For someone who was not acquainted with Piketty's paper, the argument for a centrist Democrat might sound compelling. If the country has tilted to the right, should we elect a candidate closer to the middle than the fringe? If the electorate resembles a left-to-right line, and each voter has a bracketed range of acceptability in which they vote, this would make perfect sense. The only problem is that it doesn't work like that, as Piketty shows.

The reason is that nominating centrist Democrats who don't speak to class issues will result in a great swathe of voters simply not voting. Conversely, right-wing candidates who speak to class issues, but who do so by harnessing a false consciousness — i.e. blaming immigrants and minorities for capitalism's ills, rather than capitalists — will win those same voters who would have voted for a more class-conscious left candidate. Piketty calls this a "bifurcated" voting situation, meaning many voters will connect either with far-right xenophobic nationalists or left-egalitarian internationalists, but perhaps nothing in-between.

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Understanding Trump’s charisma offers important clues to understanding the problems that the Democrats need to address. Most important, the Democratic candidate must convey a sense that he or she will fulfil the promise of 2008: not piecemeal reform but a genuine, full-scale change in America’s way of thinking. It’s also crucial to recognise that, like Britain, America is at a turning point and must go in one direction or another. Finally, the candidate must speak to Americans’ sense of self-respect linked to social justice and inclusion. While Weber’s analysis of charisma arose from the German situation, it has special relevance to the United States of America, the first mass democracy, whose Constitution invented the institution of the presidency as a recognition of the indispensable role that unique individuals play in history.

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[E]ven Fox didn’t tout Bartiromo’s big scoops on Trump’s legislative agenda, because 10 months into the Trump presidency, nobody is so foolish as to believe that him saying, “We’re doing a big infrastructure bill,” means that the Trump administration is, in fact, doing a big infrastructure bill. The president just mouths off at turns ignorantly and dishonestly, and nobody pays much attention to it unless he says something unusually inflammatory.On some level, it’s a little bit funny. On another level, Puerto Rico is still languishing in the dark without power (and in many cases without safe drinking water) with no end in sight. Trump is less popular at this point in his administration than any previous president despite a generally benign economic climate, and shows no sign of changing course. Perhaps it will all work out for the best, and someday we’ll look back and chuckle about the time when we had a president who didn’t know anything about anything that was happening and could never be counted on to make coherent, factual statements on any subject. But traditionally, we haven’t elected presidents like that — for what have always seemed like pretty good reasons — and the risks of compounding disaster are still very much out there.

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