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Prof. Frances Fox Piven On Death Threats: Beck Used To Be ‘Funny,’ Now ‘Very Scary’ | TPM LiveWire

“I thought it was funny at the beginning,” Prof. Piven quipped, talking about the first time, about two years ago, when she became aware through her students that Beck was talking about her. Now, however, she finds Beck “insidious” and “very scary,” particularly because “people are listening” to him. She also noted how bizarre it was to her that Beck would describe “how big changes in American institutions can be traced to something these people did,” including herself. “In my case, it was a little article I wrote with my husband 45 years ago.”

Piven’s going public today may be the first of a series of appearances if Beck takes the bait and challenges her on her comments today.

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  1. Is Cenk opposed to what went on in Greece, and has gone one in the Great Britain and Italy, he evinces no dissaproval of it.

  2. No, that is the subject of her talk,using violent actions, to leverage government policy, it’s what ‘Little Violence’ is all about as well. That’s totally unlike using you votes, to make government accountable, which was explained 101 times,

  3. miguel cervantes wrote:

    No, that is the subject of her talk,using violent actions,

    Piven calling for violence???? I doubt that she contemplates anything more than unruly street demonstrations, miggs.

    I doubt that her ever has or ever will.

    You show me Piven calling for real violence rather than Beck saying that Piven calls it.

    Mr Beck has a record of being a loudmouth lying sort of a clown and being well-paid for it.

  4. She has little responsibility as Al Sharpton, who certainly didn’t intend for those folks at Freddie’s Fashionmart to be killed, he only wanted a civil dialogue I’m sure. How many lives were claimed in the ‘unruly street protests in Athens, Mon Grenouille,

  5. Third, protesters need targets, preferably local and accessible ones capable of making some kind of response to angry demands. This is, I think, the most difficult of the strategy problems that have to be resolved if a movement of the unemployed is to arise. Protests among the unemployed will inevitably be local, just because that’s where people are and where they construct solidarities. But local and state governments are strapped for funds and are laying off workers. The initiatives that would be responsive to the needs of the unemployed will require federal action. Local protests have to accumulate and spread—and become more disruptive—to create serious pressures on national politicians. An effective movement of the unemployed will have to look something like the strikes and riots that have spread across Greece in response to the austerity measures forced on the Greek government by the European Union, or like the student protests that recently spread with lightning speed across England in response to the prospect of greatly increased school fees.

  6. @ miguel cervantes:

    I read about three and they weren’t likely to have died due to actions of people seeking governmental job-creation program, miggs.
    Piven is a reformer and is calling for demonstrations to create heavy pressure for reform.

    What she was calling for wasn’t putting a bull’s eye on bank employees.

  7. @ miguel cervantes:

    Looked through the pictures, didn’t see Piven hurling Molotovs.
    Did the MSM erase the evidence?

    I did admire the zeal and spirit of the person who wrote the thing that you linked up.

    This story, to us, is yet one more demonstration of the need for a strong Second Amendment

  8. Piven is widely seen as the main cause of NYC’s fiscal mismanagement back then which included funding most of the NYS government’s spending which heavily favored the rest of the state and for sending about $56 to the feds for every$50 coming back.

    As well, she was probably responsible for the budgetary gimmickry practiced in every NYC administration since Jimmy Walker.

  9. @ miguel cervantes:
    You really don’t get at all what raving nutjobs you’re linking, right?

    A panoply of rage, hate, violence, arson, riots, and murder: Such are the dark and lustful dreams at the heart of the loathsome, violence-worshiping communist harridan called Francis Fox Pivens who, after being exposed by Americans disgusted at both her hatred of America and liberty, and her calls for extreme violence, as well as her protected perch in the halls of leftist academia, now has the unutterable gall to claim that she is the victim of violence because the exposure of her violent credo has itself exposed her to “threats of violence.”

    Well, you know, swords. And living and dying by them.

    Get on with your sowing, commie. The reaping is coming, not far behind.

    But Piven‘s the one who has a rhetoric problem? Because she points out that a movement of the unemployed in the U.S. would have to emerge broadly and more or less spontaneously, and would exert its influence through disruptive and even risky actions? In the NATION article, including in that passage you quote, she doesn’t call on her readers or anyone to do anything except to join in after this Greece-like movement arises on its own.

  10. Women, especially commie women, require a stern talking-to.
    It’s really Piven’s fault for incorrectly attending to her sowing, and forcing that man to be a reapist.

  11. Right, Colin, next thing you’re going to tell me, is the ANSWER coordinated anti war protests are spontaneous, and if you believe
    that I have the golden gate bridge to sell you.

  12. This is why people like miguel are so aghast at the reactions to the Tucson shooting. They think rhetoric like that is normal, not at all threatening – but that talking about the possibility of chronically unemployed people staging disruptive protests is treasonous…

  13. @ miguel cervantes:
    Piven’s claim is actually oriented at the relative impotence of the left in the U.S. (One-day SEIU gatherings at a banker’s home that – Heavens! – woke up a two year old aren’t exactly the kind of thing likely to overthrow the US government or even alter national policy.) She doesn’t refer to anti-war protests at all, nor does she even make any claims regarding the protests in Britain and Greece except, implicitly, that they appear more or less spontaneous, or harnessed and expressed fairly pervasive anger that arose without need of much serious organization or exhortation – two things that the contemporary American left hasn’t shown much capacity for.

  14. I hasten to add that even if she was calling for serious organizing and exhortation leading to nationwide angry protests that “looked like” Greece and Britain (not, actually, terribly violent relative to their scale and seriousness) – even if that was remotely realistic in America in these times – that would be perfectly within her rights… you know, those constitutional guarantees to rights of assembly and the like that you supposedly revere?

  15. If Piven’s is going to call for unruliness by the unemployed in order to force the federal government to try to return the country to 5% unemployment, I can’t see any alternative to having the Pinkertons club her like a baby seal.

    Once you give people the idea that they should want to work, they start believing that they’re not worthless and from there it’s a short step to pursuing happiness

  16. fuster wrote:

    If Piven’s is going to call for unruliness by the unemployed in order to force the federal government to try to return the country to 5% unemployment,

    More like pressure to pull Obama toward the left. Doesn’t look very likely today. If unemployment starts moving in the wrong direction again, then anything is possible… But Piven’s scenario could just as easily be met with a lurch to the right at least in the short term. If the Right then failed to do a better job, within a few years the organizational capacity and the willingness of someone to be what the Right goes on and on claiming Obama is might develop. That would be the Judt “Social Democracy of fear” alternative.

    Barring major cooperation from history, Obama has probably done the biggest things he’s likely to do.

  17. Obama will be in office when the Iranian regime caves, although he may not agree to a return of British hegemony and restoration of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.

  18. @ fuster:
    Well, even if that happens, to whatever extent it can be attributed to his “doing,” it will probably be mainly what he’s already done or put in place, but I was thinking mainly in terms of domestic policy. He likely has six years to do something big outside the U.S. If someone gives him a war to win or if the Republicans nominate Palin or tear themselves apart in some other way, then he might do a lot of different things with the resultant political momentum , but the 2008-9 conjuncture will be hard to re-produce. He got O-care out of it, and a number of other things that I have difficulty even bringing to mind, but that was the big one. He could spend an awful lot 2nd term capital just protecting and fixing it.

  19. Well, after Idaho’s legislature using the state’s sovereign powers to declare ObamaCare nullified, Obama may have to send the Zionist Occupation Army of the Potomac out there.
    Might make a splash with that.

  20. He has shown more contempt for Lord Browne’s former company, who one recalls from the ’05 VF green issue, was actually given accolades
    than for the Pasdaran regime. If you haven’t paying attention, the whole of North Africa, is on fire, or ready kindling, so hold off on the hosannas just yet.

  21. miguel cervantes wrote:

    If you haven’t paying attention, the whole of North Africa, is on fire, or ready kindling, so hold off on the hosannas just yet.

    I didn’t notice any hosannas. Tunisia doesn’t mater much in itself. If Mubarak’s structure crumbles completely, a lot could follow, but that’s a big “if,” and on its own terms it’s hard to see how that counts much for or against the big O politically.

    fuster wrote:

    Obama may have to send the Zionist Occupation Army

    I think that’s from a previous iteration of know-nothingism. This one would be more likely an Islamic Occupation Army.

  22. If a somewhat liberal alternative, like Nour’s faction, were to fill the vaccuum, I would be less concerned, but Bin Ali and Mubarak clan, departing within a week of each other, well the Shah comes to mind,
    they tried to hold together a Kerensky like regime with Bani Sadr, but
    we know the result don’t we.

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