Palin’s got it made!

Ed Morrissey:

Palin has near-saturation levels of name recognition, which puts her far ahead of other potential nominees…

…a huge plus, since EVERYONE knows her, and EVERYONE has such a high opinion of her.  Of course, she doesn’t need a large campaign staff if she’s planning to run in 2012!  Say “Palin,” and the first thing that leaps into the minds of American voters is “presidential.”  If such a widely beloved and respected figure decides to run, she’s home free!

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  1. if she decides to run, we got to go Junior Walker on her ass.

    then we don’t retreat, we reload.

    leave just some broken, smokin’ meat,

    off the side of the crossroad.

    (this is just campaign rhetoric and no one should be all crittersizing me)

  2. of course, if everything breaks just right for her in the race, she could end up in a three-way with Carrie Prejean and Scrooge McDuck.

  3. Considering she was hung in effigy, her church was burned out, they called out for her blood on twitter, and there was a mock beheading
    in Missoula, MT, oh and she got a warning from the Moslem brotherhood in Al Ahram, last fall, yeah she gets all the breaks

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