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“A” rarely if ever equals “A” only

Sully wrote: When someone says “A” you look for a reason he may really mean “B”. Absolutely. “A” has no intrinsic meaning. “A” is defined only ever by a “B,” a “C,” a “D” and so on, backwards and forwards,

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The Absence of Islamists Explains the Tunisian Revolution – and Limits Its Importance

Why Tunisia’s Revolution Is Islamist-Free – By Michael Koplow | Foreign Policy Bourguiba, like Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey, viewed Islamists as an existential threat to the very nature of the Tunisian state. He viewed the promotion of secularism as

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Obama’s Best Week As Prez (Not Just Because of Tucson)

The hidden reasons why this was Barack Obama’s best week yet | David Rothkopf It is far too early to open up the champagne … the U.S. economy faces real threats to our recovery … but from Obama’s point of

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9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Screwed Over

9 Famous Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along | #5.  The Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz) The “villain”: You’re in a tough spot if “Wicked” is right there in your name, but WWW isn’t

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On Loughnerism

A reflexive and all-embracing hostility to the state/statism leads the far right toward the ultra-right (and ultra-left): It’s a self-contradictory and philosophically untenable position for anyone who aspires to be accepted within the mainstream of politics – which is a long way of saying that it is irrational, and, when pressed, must manifest as insanity.

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Kindling Literature #1: Ease of Use and Customer Service

[amazon-product]B002Y27P3M[/amazon-product]Purchased a Kindle just before New Year’s, and have been impressed with it from the start – except for one problem. Since I rarely travel, and seldom even spend extended periods away from home, I figgered the WiFi version would

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What the US will leave behind as it leaves Afghanistan

The Public Affairs Magazine- It is immaterial for purposes of this piece that America’s contemplated bribing of the Af-Pak terrorists will not bring it peace. The nature of Al-Qaeda terrorism against America has changed from the spectacular (9/11) to

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Palin’s Test

Palin’s Test – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan Then there is the usual shocking and inflammatory language. At a time when nerves are truly frayed, when blood lies on the ground, Palin offers us this: Especially within hours

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The tragic events in Arizona

Full text of Sarah Palin’s statement – Print View Like millions of Americans I learned of the tragic events in Arizona on Saturday, and my heart broke for the innocent victims. No words can fill the hole left by

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California isn’t sliding into the fiscal ocean after all…

Experts: Tales of state’s demise greatly exaggerated | California Watch “California has never failed to make its bond payments on time and in full, not even during the Depression. And there is no chance we will smudge that pristine record,”

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