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The Backfire Continues

George Packer: The New Yorker: [It] won’t do to dig up stray comments by Obama, Allen Grayson, or any other Democrat who used metaphors of combat over the past few years, and then try to claim some balance of responsibility

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A major victory for O on Iran

A Major Victory for President Obama on Iran – Jeffrey Goldberg – International – The Atlantic Much credit in delaying Iran goes to the unknown inventor of Stuxnet, the miracle computer virus, which has bollixed-up Iran’s centrifuges; much credit goes

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How Palin Should Have Responded to the Tucson Shootings

What Palin Needed to Say After Giffords’ Shooting | FrumForum   Palin and her supporters had some justice on their side. Obviously, Palin never intended to summon people to harm Representative Giffords. There was no evidence that the shooter was

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Yeah, surveyor’s symbols, that’s the ticket!

Palin staffer calls using tragedy to score political points ‘obscene’ Palinistas are furious over the accusations. Read here and here (just for starters). They blame the left using a tragedy to score political points. A Palin staffer, Rebecca Mansour told

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There must be 50 ways to leave your blogger…

…but I think they fall into four broad categories: The majority simply stop showing up, without explanation or warning.  I’ve sometimes sent an e-mail when it’s an author or regular commenter who has vanished without any indication of dissatisfaction or

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Assassination: Live-Blogging and Not Exactly Holding Back on the Potentially Explosive Politics…

An Assassination: Live-Blogging – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan   08 Jan 2011 03:18 pm   3.49 pm Various Palin sites are frantically removing various incendiary materials – which is both gratifying, but also, it seems to me,

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Gabrielle Giffords Shot: Congresswoman, Numerous Others Shot In Arizona (LIVE UPDATES)

Gabrielle Giffords Shot: Congresswoman Shot In Arizona (LIVE UPDATES)

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er, um… we really did look for a neutral complimentary photo of this person accusing Obama of being “hell-bent on weakening America”

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama ‘hell bent’ on weakening America – Jennifer Epstein – Sarah Palin is charging that President Barack Obama is “hell-bent on weakening America” by pushing to raise the national debt ceiling. “What I believe that Obama

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Sarah Palin Self-De(con)structs

What Palin’s show says about us – We’ve watched Mama Grizzly mush a dog sled across a glacier; stalk caribou on the tundra; paddle raging white water; and match her frontierswoman sturdiness against Kate Gosselin’s urban diva shtick. In

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No Iranian Nukes Until 2015 Says Outgoing Mossad Chief

Outgoing Mossad chief: Iran won’t have nuclear capability before 2015 – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News Meir Dagan, who retired from his post as Mossad chief on Thursday after eight years, does not believe Iran will have nuclear capability before

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