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US Hasn’t Begun to Deal with Structural Unemployment

10 Percent Unemployment Forever? – By Tyler Cowen and Jayme Lemke | Foreign Policy The story runs as follows. Before the financial crash, there were lots of not-so-useful workers holding not-so-useful jobs. Employers didn’t so much bother to figure out

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Crescent and Cross in Egypt

Egypt Muslims to act as “human shields” at Coptic Christmas Eve mass – Ahram Online “Although 2011 started tragically, I feel it will be a year of eagerly anticipated change, where Egyptians will stand against sectarianism and unite as one,”

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Israel’s Relentlessly Growing Illiberalism

Israel’s future: Democracy and territory in the holy land | The Economist A FEW days back, reflecting on Jeffrey Goldberg’s fears that Israel may at some point choose Judaism over democracy, Kevin Drum called attention to the opening of Benjamin

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Too bad constitutionalism ends at the water’s edge

Tea Party Foreign Policy: Where They Stand – The Daily Beast In modern times, conservative presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush have tried to reconcile their efforts to rein in federal power with their support for a large

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Almost Everyone vs. The Whole Thing

From Schopenhauer through Strauss and beyond, the rebels fail to grasp Hegel’s thought on its own terms, or, if they grasp it at all, they soon discard or conceal it. This claim may also seem like a large one, but the most ambitious and unlikely claim of all, it turns out, is not the claim of a complete or comprehensive philosophy, but the claim that the Hegelian is precluded from making: to have created a new philosophy, to have stepped philosophy beyond philosophy’s own shadow.

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A race between China and the U.S. to see who falls first

Good Tidings in 2011_English_Caixin By the middle of 2011, most analysts may declare that the world has finally put the financial crisis behind.The reality is quite different. The global economy is kept afloat by massive monetary and fiscal stimulus around

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2011 – Year of Decision for Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Israel – and Shimon Peres

As Netanyahu’s coalition struggles, Peres may need to step in – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News Peres can invite Palestinian leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad to the President’s Residence with cameras from around the world reporting the event

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