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Zenga Zenga!

YouTube – Muammar Gaddafi – Zenga Zenga Song – Noy Alooshe Remix + Download Qaddafi YouTube Spoof by Israeli Gets Arab Fans – JERUSALEM — A YouTube clip mocking Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s megalomania is fast becoming a popular token

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy?

Roger Ailes to be Indicted | The Big Picture   Here’s what I learned recently: Someone I spoke with claimed that Ailes was scheduled to speak at their event in March, but canceled. It appears that Roger’s people, ostensibly using

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Let ’em have it (their own Taliban state, that is)

The Islamic Republic of Talibanistan – By Saleem H. Ali | Foreign Policy   There’s no denying that the Islamists’ brutish and austere vision of justice is foreign to the sensibilities of modern minds in the region and the Western

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O declares “National State of Emergency” over Libya

Obama declares national state of emergency over Libya | The Cable “By any measure, Muammar el-Qaddafi’s government has violated international norms and common decency and must be held accountable,” the statement read. “We will stand steadfastly with the Libyan people

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Grow up – we’re not going to intervene in Libya and shouldn’t

Eunomia » Staying Out of Libya (II)   Quite a few Westerners are beside themselves that our governments aren’t doing enough to overthrow Gaddafi, but Libyan rebels have so far been doing an exceptional job of taking over most of

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1,000,000 Lightyears to Earth (from Washington DC)

Tomgram: Engelhardt, Washington’s Echo Chamber | TomDispatch   1. Let’s start with a recent New York Times op-ed, “The ‘Long War’ May Be Getting Shorter.”  Published last Tuesday as Libya was passing through “the gates of hell,” it was an

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Gaddafi plays the imperialism card (Libya Live Blog continued at new location)

Live Blog – Libya Feb 22 | Al Jazeera Blogs   7.34pm: In case you missed it – the backdrop to Gaddafi’s speech – a piece of artwork showing a clenched fist crushing a US fighter jet, in front of

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Should Rumsfeld apologize?

Tom Ricks reflects on the American reaction to 9/11 – “Rumsfeld, America, and apologies” – and how his own sense of the world has changed:  “I never expected to live in a country whose government officially embraced torture.”  He points

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Salafists against violence

Going to Extremes – by Tina Rosenberg | Foreign Policy   Operating on a shoestring budget, STREET offers mentoring for thousands of drop-ins and recently released Muslim convicts, helping with schooling, job training, and anti-violence counseling. If a STREET drop-in

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Know what? Things are going pretty well for Israel…

Everyone Seems To Think The Egyptian Uprising Damaged Israel’s Strategic Position. That’s Nonsense. | The New Republic   Asked if the peace process with Israel was now dead, [Assad] replied, “No, it is not dead because you do not have

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