No going back for the protesters

Ahmed Moor: The people are undaunted, they have held Tahrir, anything less than Mubarak’s ouster means nighttime arrests by secret police

There is anxiety on the part of people around the world who are on your side that these tough measures will break the democracy movement.

These are tough people. You have to remember that the regime started clamping down last Wednesday, and we overturned the police force even when they were using rubber bullets, sticks and live ammo. These people are not about to relinquish this space due to a gang of motley thugs. You have to remember Tahrir Square was taken by force to begin with.

Has the storyline changed? Is there doubt and demoralization?

The story line is not at all changed. What I’ve said is that this is a zero sum game. The moment that people decide we are going to play ball with Mubarak, the muhabarat will come back, the secret police will come back and seize people in the night. ‘We saw you January 25, 26, 27, 28.’ There will be a day of reckoning. That is the risk in anything other than Mubarak’s ouster. Anyone on tv who has expressed an opinion or carried a sign is vulnerable.

We’re not talking about forgive or forget. There is no reason to expect Mubarak to forgive and forget. Last night we saw him contrite and conciliatory on tv. Those are generous words. In fact today we see again his forceful measures. He started the violence.

You are saying that people are undaunted?

People are undaunted in Cairo. Utterly undaunted. They’ve put all their eggs in this basket. They’ve put everything they’ve got into this movement, and there is no going back at this stage.

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  1. We got very scary reports today from Tahrir, including the word massacre. How bad was it?

    love that word massacre, some folks sure do.

    beat my friend Bob 6-3 6-1 6-2

    that was some kind of massacre.

  2. At least the interviewee didn’t take the bait. There are a couple of people at that site who were going just the opposite direction – a post with “bloodbath” in the title had to be dialed back to “bloodshed.”

  3. @ fuster:

    Actually rather a motley group, bloggers and commenters, though skewed toward anti-Zionism overall, especially the loudest and angriest voices.

    Have had some good exchanges, and some typical internet exchanges.

    But you’re one to talk about hanging out in “creepy” places. When are you going to have gryphon, katy, and tigerlily over to your place for tea and flies?

  4. @ CK MacLeod:

    remember how I got to start Hot Airing it out?????

    see today’s fan mail…

    May I say thank you to the Green Room writer who suggested you come around. You are a continuous ray of sunshine.

    Cindy Munford

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