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I liked the Optima Ad, and the Eminem/Chrysler one worked for me

Top 20 Super Bowl XLV Ads: Pics, Videos, Links, News

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What Egypt means for Israel now

What The Egyptian Revolution Means For Israel | The New Republic   Ground was broken last week for a massive new Israeli development in East Jerusalem as Tahrir Square was filling up with the evidence of a new Egypt. Do

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Israelis have ceded the real power to shape the future to the Palestinians

Israel & Palestine: Breaking the Silence by David Shulman | The New York Review of Books Sari Nusseibeh repeatedly expresses his belief that change is possible if people have the self-confidence and faith in themselves to act. He sees his

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Conservatives should support the Egyptian awakening

Stand for Freedom | The Weekly Standard   In his column, Krauthammer refers to the French, Russian, and Iranian revolutions. They all turned out badly. But before 1789 was 1776. After 1917, there was 1989. And after 1979, there was

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The US plan for Mubarak: from eternal dictator to temporary figurehead

Egypt Revolt: The White House’s Secret Plan for Succession – The Daily Beast First and foremost, The United States—in concert increasingly with other governments—is seeking an immediate transition to democratic pluralism and procedures that, simultaneously, will prevent the Muslim Brotherhood

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He is to go, we won’t leave

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Optimism tempered by realism in Tahrir Square

Ahmed Moor: There is a sense in Tahrir now that democracy is coming– and medics and journalists are granted respect Your mood today? I’m optimistic. I’m optimistic that it’s going to end up in a negotiated resolution where Mubarak steps

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Fox Nation on O’s Christianity: Twould be funny, twarnt so pathetic (and un-Christian)

Attention Fox Nation: There Is More Than One Version Of The Bible | Media Matters for America   If you visit Fox Nation right now, you are greeted by the following story on their front page: If you follow the

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There must be consequences – starting now

  Egypt Endgame | Marc Lynch   By unleashing violence and refusing the demand for an immediate, meaningful transition, Mubarak has now violated two clear red lines laid down by the President.  There must be consequences.  It’s time to meet

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(Fill in the Blank) Ripped My Flesh!

Vintage Men’s Magazines Covers | The Art of Manliness   Weasels Ripped My Flesh! Vintage Men’s Adventure Magazines  

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