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The Arabs Are Breaking Through To Their Full Humanity

The Daily Star – Opinion Articles – The Middle East’s freedom train has just left the station Now, we are witnessing the third and most significant Arab historical development, which is the spontaneous drive by millions of ordinary Arabs to

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Why Egypt 2011 Is Not Iran 1979

Why Egypt 2011 is not Iran 1979 | Informed Comment Egypt is, unlike Iran, not primarily an oil state. Its sources of revenue are tourism, Suez Canal tolls, manufactured and agricultural exports, and strategic rent (the $1.5 bn. or so

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WWRD? – maybe decline to take Mubarak’s call

Egypt: WWRD? « Hot Air The freedom rhetoric is what’s missing in January 2011. Reagan excelled at it – and I think he would, characteristically, have recognized a tremendous opportunity to use ideas to influence the course of events in

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No going back for the protesters

Ahmed Moor: The people are undaunted, they have held Tahrir, anything less than Mubarak’s ouster means nighttime arrests by secret police There is anxiety on the part of people around the world who are on your side that these tough

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Alone again, naturally

Islamists at the Gates –   The fear of an Islamist encirclement has reminded Israelis of their predicament in the Middle East. In its relationship with the Palestinians, Israel is Goliath. But in its relationship with the Arab and

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Netanyahu must prepare for a new regional order

Netanyahu must prepare for a new regional order – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News   Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the ongoing events in Egypt by urging that “regional stability and security” be preserved. Israel even asked Western

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