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Now my old world is gone for dead

Allies Cheer Resignation of Libyan Minister – U.S. officials said Mr. Koussa’s move was an example of growing splits inside Col. Gadhafi’s inner circles. In recent days, Mr. Koussa and other senior Libyan officials have reached out to at

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Papa Don’t Bleach Tide Knows Dad Better Than He Knows Himself | Partial Objects In the beginning of the commercial, Dad is fixing a gate. The act is symbolic. He is protecting his household and family. And he believes he is doing

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Assad Song

The Syrian Time Bomb – By Patrick Seale | Foreign Policy If the Syrian regime were to be severely weakened by popular dissent, if only for a short while, Iran’s influence in Arab affairs would almost certainly be reduced —

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I might like you better if we negotiated together

In Obama’s push for Mideast peace, whose side is he on? – The Washington Post   Rather than bargain with Israel, Abbas seems inclined to go along with his aides’ plan to seek a U.N. declaration of Palestinian statehood at

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Say it in Palin English

Sarah Palin: Is Libya a War Or Is It a ‘Squirmish’? Why is nobody talking about this? According to leading military scientist Dr. Sarah Palin, this conflict could very well be a squirmish, which just sounds awful. Actual, no, that

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You put the lines to the rightwing nuts and mix em all up

The GOP’s Iowa problem – War Room –   Since Robertson’s run in 1988, there have been three competitive GOP presidential caucuses in Iowa. In 1996, Dole won again — but with a severely reduced margin. Whereas in 1988 he’d

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War, This Is What It’s Good For (Occasionally Something)

An Open Letter (from Juan Cole) to the Left on Libya | Informed Comment Among reasons given by critics for rejecting the intervention are: 1. Absolute pacifism (the use of force is always wrong) 2. Absolute anti-imperialism (all interventions in

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Bachmann Turnouter Overdrive

Steve Benen – The Washington Monthly   Politico‘s report from the event said Bachmann “stole the show” in Iowa. Michele Bachmann served up red meat to the crowd at the Iowa conservative principles conference Saturday, slamming President Barack Obama as

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Because peace in the Holy Land and peace on Earth are the same thing

For two reasons, I’ve been hanging fire on replying to Jerome Slater’s essay “The Jewish State Controversy: Can Zionism Be Reconciled With Justice to the Palestinians?”  First, I’ve been expecting the essay or at least a substantial excerpt to appear

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My further brave, brave stance on Libya

At Juan Cole’s joint, the good professor details what the Libya No-Fly Zone has accomplished in just a few days.  He concludes: Pundits who want this whole thing to be over with in 7 days are being frankly silly. Those

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