Boundless Hackery #2

Our other former contributor, current HotAir contributor Howard Portnoy gives us a Tuesday twofer in the annals of partisan blindness to the absolutely obvious:

WaPo Columnist E.J. Dionne Needs a Civics Lesson « The Greenroom

Dionne writes:

Last week Walker signed into law a bill that will require a two-thirds supermajority in the legislature, or a statewide referendum, to raise income, sales or corporate franchise taxes. Imagine if President Obama had insisted that a two-thirds majority be required to repeal his health-care law? 

As James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal points out:

In fact, Obama is insisting that a two-thirds majority is required to repeal ObamaCare. Hasn’t Dionne ever heard of the presidential veto?

The question is intended as rhetorical, but I for one would love to hear Dionne’s answer.

Far be it from me to get in EJ Dionne’s way as he rushes to answer Howard’s devastating argument, but a law that introduces a 2/3 requirement obviates the executive’s veto power, and operates on a different level.  It would, in theory, render a future President Palin or Governor Favre unable to overturn or move beyond the legislation in question without a 2/3 majority in whichever legislature. That is one reason why, when the Democrats under Reid did discuss super-majority requirements in the Affordable Care Act, fellow hacks serious observers on Taranto and Portnoy’s side did in fact raise holy heck about it.

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  1. Howard’s point, is that E.J. didn’t know that troublesome fact, inarguendo, and as usual Taranto has to be cited in order to remind.

  2. @ miguel cervantes:
    Of course, he knew it. Howard’s point is no point at all. It’s irrelevant to Dionne’s argument, and Howard, straining for a reason to write a post, just takes Taranto’s usual stretch for humor too seriously.

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