Too bad MW closed comments on the thread…

I think this would qualify as porno for the Nazi apologists at MW:
[Burning of Jews during the Black Death epidemic, 1349]

Burning of Jews during the Black Death epidemic, 1349 — Ookaboo!

…after they were done ejaculating they would probably explain how it was economic self-defense against the Zionist financial oligarchy.  And Zionist propaganda.  Somehow both at the same time.

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  1. Dr. Phil Monger, the Alaskan nutrooter and Trig denialist extraordinaire, great now I have to shower like in Andromeda strain,

  2. @ miguel cervantes:

    Munger has a personal hatred for Palin and her family. He knows them.

    I used to admonish him about how he ought to keep his yap shut and not talk about her kids and he apologized and stopped.

  3. @ fuster:
    I’m just concerned that Hu Bris won’t die of jealousy…

    But back to the main topic… that really is some picture…

    Ookaboo is a great resource, btw. Both it and the picture come by way of Fred Lapides/Good Shit.

  4. I’m kind of surprised how the folks of MW, don’t realize that antiSemitism in the Arab world, serves a similar function to the way ti did in countries like Czarist Russia, a unifying element to paper over the
    dysfunction in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

  5. @ miguel cervantes:
    Well, that’s the kind of perspective that made us urge you to register there.

    There are, I think, several regulars there – not least the Israelis who show up – who are quite aware of that fact. A few others who are aware but suppress it or explain it away. A few others who used to be aware but have forgotten. And a bunch of other who seem to think that, Czarist Russia-wise, that wasn’t a bug, but a feature.

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