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Allies Cheer Resignation of Libyan Minister –

U.S. officials said Mr. Koussa’s move was an example of growing splits inside Col. Gadhafi’s inner circles. In recent days, Mr. Koussa and other senior Libyan officials have reached out to at least 12 countries to discuss either defections or ways to end the Libyan conflict, according to these officials. There is hope inside the Obama administration that a larger rebellion could take place as these senior officials leave.

“This is a very significant defection and an indication that people around Gadhafi think the writing’s on the wall,” said a senior U.S. official.

Mr. Koussa, thought to be in his late 50s, was Col. Gadhafi’s spy chief for approximately two decades, a period of time when Libya was suspected to be behind a string of terrorist attacks in Europe that killed Libyan dissidents and foreigners.

Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim, told The Wall Street Journal Mr. Koussa “was on a diplomatic mission.”

Mr. Ibrahim said if Mr. Koussa’s diplomatic mission requires him to go to London or anywhere else then he will do so. He declined to answer any more questions saying he had “a headache.”


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