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(kind of a sample post based on the “How To“) Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001 (9780679744757): Benny Morris: Books

Really, read this book.  Just finished the first world-scene-setting chapter that closes with the birth of Palestinian nationalism, confirming my theory that Palestinianism is in major part a construction of Zionism.  At the same time that Palestinian intellectuals were reversing their initial assumption that they would be part of a Greater Syria, they were producing literature like the play The Ruin of a Palestine, staged in January 1920:

…[A] Zionist maiden seduces two Arabs and steals their money and land.  The play ends with the suicide of the two men, shouting:  “The country is ruined, the Jews have robbed us of our land and honor.”

Balloon Juice. All your base are belong to Tunch.

Have really been enjoying Balloon Juice lately for intelligent and entertaining leftwing-progressive critique of the budget debate especially – and withering attacks on Andrew Sullivan for his intoxication with Paul Ryan and Bowles-Simpson.

Foreign Policy – the global magazine of economics, politics, and ideas

Nothing there today that I found exciting enough to procrastinate to.

GoodShit ›

Thing I liked best at GoodShit was this image of Yuri Gagarin, on the 50th Anniversary today of Man in Space:

Hot Air, Little Green Footballs, Mondoweiss — The War of Ideas in the Middle

Eh, the usual from those guys.

Obama turns to his bipartisan deficit commission’s blueprint for reducing debt – The Washington Post

Seems the thinking is/was that Obama is going to retreat to the vicinity of Bowles-Simpson, using Ryan’s proposal as a foil.

Trump courts black backlash – Ben Smith –

Trump’s African American fans, and others, suspect that Birtherism is symptomatic of a racist impulse – a refusal to accept the legitimacy of a black Prez.

What ever happened to Sarah Palin? – War Room –

Amusing article about the (predicted) fall of Sarah Palin, suggesting that the R base has gotten the coordinated message from R elites about her unacceptability.  (Link actually came via Andrew Sullivan/The Daily Dish.)


Comment at the Boot/Assad thread.  Just for testing purposes – but that’s where the discusso-action seems to be so far today in these parched parts.


More experimentin to come…

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  1. This must one of the alt realities that Scott crafted, because 50 years out, how did we end with practically no space program, to such a ramshackle regime as ‘the czar in all but name’ presides over with his
    Oprichniki retainers

  2. They were Ivan the Terribles secret police, also the name of the vampire warriors in Jasper Kent’s trilogy

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