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T-Paw, we hardly knew yaw

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Obama’s best “off-mic” line was the one on the real Republican strategy…

p m carpenter’s commentary: The last Red Scare   Portions of President Obama’s unintentionally public remarks at a private Chicago fundraiser this week received boundless media exposure, especially those about Paul Ryan’s towering hypocrisy and the GOP’s downright goofy attempt

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Is there a Kevorkian in the house, and does his HMO take vouchers?

Greg Sargent – Vote on Ryan Budget Will Cost the GOP the House “We’re creating a national framework on choices,” Israel said. “The choice I hope our members talk about at home is a budget that gives you a $100,000

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“That lying hyperpartisan radical socialist Kenyan Muslim traitor is soooooo mean!”

Wounded Elephant Screechings – Swampland – Republican World has become a very self-referential place, only vaguely in touch with reality. There is Fox News, there is the Weekly Standard, Powerline and the other clautrophobic blogs, there is Rush and

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C’mon, make peace in the Middle East already, Bamster / Comment / Opinion – Brent Scowcroft:  Obama must broker a new Mideast peace What is required is to summon the will of Israeli and Palestinian leaders, led by a determined American president, to forge the various elements into

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Secrets of the Ancient Blogging Masters – The Day Trip

(kind of a sample post based on the “How To“) Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001 (9780679744757): Benny Morris: Books Really, read this book.  Just finished the first world-scene-setting chapter that closes with the birth of

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Secrets of the Ancient Blogging Masters – How To

I’m on double ultimate secret deadline this week, which means the procrastination juices are flowing like a raging river.  I think I just figured out an easy way to create THE basic blog post, and I’d urge anyone authoring to

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He beckons you to enter his web of sin, but don’t go in

The Goldstone Chronicles –   Goldstone, a Jew who takes his Jewishness seriously, has been pilloried by Israel. He fell afoul, as perhaps no other, of the siege mentality of a nation controlling the lives of millions of Palestinians

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Understanding Asma’s husband

The Arab awakening and Syrian exceptionalism by Alastair Crooke | The Middle East Channel In Western culture, a profound crisis demands due seriousness: A graven-faced president would sit behind an imposing desk, with the symbolic tokens of authority, and with

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In the immortal spirit of George Jochnowitz

Israel’s left needs to wise up to Middle East reality – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News   Within a day Mer-Khamis would become an icon. On Saturday night thousands would gather holding torches to mourn the peace hero and

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