Major Announcement from Prez

Any moment now. Have heard no rumors.

Doesn’t he realize that I’m on a deadline?


OBL is dead.

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  1. from Rep. Bachmann “It’s about time. Obama has had more than ten years to get this done, and the American people realize that if he hadn’t been so busy working with ACORN, he could have concentrated on it more betterly.”

  2. strange, we all thought that Dick and Liz Cheney would be the ones to bring bin Laden to book, not a guy like Obama who’s not committed to preserving the security of the US.

  3. Some kind of trick. This’ll give him just the excuse he wants to do all sorts of Kenyan Alinskyist Socialite things.

    Actually, that might be true, and a good thing. Funny that one of the rightwing haters chose this weekend to call him another Carter. If you’re going to engage in that kind of utterly unfair and possibly intellectually unsupportable comparison, this qualifies as the opposite of Desert One, from all we know at this point.

    Then again, life’s not intellectually supportable.

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