How about this celebratory tide?

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Here, I’m just pointing out that the diversity of our cultural reality is something I enjoy and that sometimes it’s better not to get swept up in a morally questionable celebratory tide.

Just asking – also an excuse to re-post an old favorite:

Hitler dead

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  1. @ CK MacLeod:
    There is a certain perfect balance to our mutual taunting. I think my positive affirmation link caused the exact effect on you that your Dalai Lama link had on me and I think we need to credit ourselves. It was truly masterful what we did there, and so perfectly useless that I imagine a whole flock of dead Zen priests cheering us on with wild applause.

  2. Also…
    I was going to say that I get the most credit for going first and establishing the ridiculousness, but then I realized how much more genius it took to retaliate so perfectly and how much cool it took for you not to explain what you were doing. The question is did you have any faith that I would realized the move you had made, or did you think maybe I would just react to the annoyance?

  3. @ Scott Miller:
    Mmmm, I figgered you’d know that I knew that you knew that I’d know you knew, just as deep down and up above you knew that I’d watch more of your video than I might have, waiting for the punchline that never came, its never-appearing of course being the punchline.

  4. Some of those are actually funny. I don’t know, though. I think you guys managed to somehow trivialize my original Zen-ness in a way that makes me want to do the opposite-same thing by pointing out that there was an innocent victim involved in the incident that I have until now refused to reference and that everyone’s glossing over of her death reveals just how much crap is involved in the we fight terrorists as a way to free women idea. And if you want to prove that you understand the game here, you will only retaliate with something even more deep-thought-ish, not with some comment about my assumption being wrong.

  5. @ Scott Miller:
    What innocent victim? I’ve kinda lost the thread, but I thought the narrative had been amended to include no dead women, though one injured. I could be wrong.

    It’s an interesting question for those who support raids like this one and drone warfare, how many deaths of non-dangerous people you would be willing to absorb in pursuit of your mission, but there’s no hard rule. What is clear is that the two main alternatives under discussion in the wide world aren’t “kill ’em all, let god sort ’em out” vs. “pure pacifism,” but the former vs. “we must strive to leave the non-dangerous unharmed, but we can’t in a democratic state require our citizens to suffer and die in order to protect hostages absolutely, not least because it would greatly encourage more hostage-making and -taking.”

  6. I win the game. You blinked. Of course, you only lost because you’re tired, so it’s no real victory. At least you lost well and that means I will spare you from my New-Age meanness.

  7. Scott Miller wrote:

    At least you lost well and that means I will spare you from my New-Age meanness.

    Nah, go ahead. It will help those playing along at home to follow the action.

    And, yes, I am kinda tired from a long day’s blogging into night, after months off. Trying to get those opinionating muscles loosened up again. It was either this, or call the IRS and hope to work out a new arrangement… or plow the back 40… or…

    Anyway, you’re not the boss of me, so there.

  8. Scott Miller wrote:

    You got back in mid-season form so quickly.

    And I’m serious. That statement was a statement within a statement.
    CK MacLeod wrote:

    t will help those playing along at home to follow the action.

    CK just let me know that he could have won the game if he wanted to, but he didn’t want to because it meant playing by my rules.

  9. Scott Miller wrote:

    CK MacLeod wrote:
    Anyway, you’re not the boss of me, so there.

    You got back in mid-season form so quickly.

    You’re too kind as almost always – that is, except when you’re being a meanie.

    Any credit deserved goes to the frog and the Don and the three-eyed chief, who’ve been helping with my off-season workout regimen and keeping the flag waving.

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