America’s Least Needed

Howard Portnoy:

Kill each other over money and white boys for fun.

That line, in case anyone missed it in a previous column on the topic, comes from rapper Common’s song “Don’t Come My Way.” It is a blatantly racist sentiment and incites violence. Another of his lyrics—this one from the song “The Bitch in Yoo”—spells America with three k’s (“amerikkka”) and is too heavily peppered with profanity and iterations of the b-word to reprint.

That’s our old colleague Howard up to his usual tricks at the HotAir Greenroom (and wherever else he has posting privileges these days).  To make matters better, our other old colleague JE Dyer chimes right in with a comment that begins, “Exactly.” That would translate as something like, “Exactly, Obama’s a black-racist Kenyan Alinskyist Socialite who hates America and ‘missed an opportunity’ to invite someone to the White House that we the united underwear-wetting wingnuts of Fox Nation could approve of (or, much more likely, completely ignore while searching for some other painfully stupid nontroversy to get upset about).”

The two songs of Common’s referenced by Howard are here and here.  The “kill each other” line comes from lyrics intended, ironically enough, to paint a picture for outsiders about what life is like on the other side of the proverbial tracks.  That’s too complicated a concept for Howard and JED, apparently – painting a picture, that is, as opposed to “incit[-ing] violence.”  Howard’s second evidentiary exhibit comes from the title of an album (AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted) by Ice Cube that Common is referring to in lyrics that indict said Mr. Cube.  Raising questions about Common for having cited the album title accurately makes about as much sense as faulting Howard for doing so.  Well, actually it would make less sense to fault Common, since at least he, unlike Howard, kind of knows what he’s talking about.

I really don’t care one way or another about Common’s work.  Have near zero interest in it.  Others have gone over in detail how the lyrics and antics of various rightwing-approved musicians, from Johnny Cash to Ted Nugent with a stopover at the Knack, have gone over or way over the imaginary lines that people like Howard and JED are drawing here, and I’m apathetically happy to take it on faith that Common really is the “positive rapper” people say he is .

Instead of getting any further into Common, I’ll point to a blog-comment from one “BrianSierk” on the contemporary rightwing minority outreach strategy:

What I like about this whole scare regime is the circular logic of why all the different groups should be more conservative. Hispanics should vote republican because they share the conservative values of hard work and family, unlike the lazy , uncommitted blacks, the Black Community should be more conservative because they share a religious objection to homosexuality, the homosexuals should be more conservative, because the Muslims are coming to get them, and the Muslim immigrants should be more conservative because they immigrated legally, unlike all those damn hispanics pouring over the border. Women, of course should vote conservative to keep themselves and their families safe from poor minorities moving into their communities and school districts, and minorities should vote conservative to protect themselves from the abortion advocates who are trying to euthanize little black babies.

The idea applies especially well to both Howard and JED.  Almost any post of Howard’s falls into this general approach, though Howard has been known to come up with own uniquely twisted twists on it.  As for JED, with this comment she’s managed just this week to get publicly hot and bothered over gays, Muslims, and blacks.  Who knows what the weekend might still have in store for her?

The post that inspired BrianSierk – “I Feel Like a Black Republican,” Ta-Nehisi Coates – will brief you on the Common story as well as on the self-destructiveness of this brand of conservative politics.  Conservatives probably understand what they’ve been doing to themselves – marking themselves as the movement of reflexive xenophobes in an increasingly multi-ethnic country – but they can’t help themselves, it seems.

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  1. It’s almost impossible to believe that Howard could write anything other than nonsense about black people, given his level of fear and loathing. He was writing the same shit when here in former days.

    His fear doesn’t allow him to see much detail and he can’t get past viewing Obama as some black street thug out to kill Howard’s fellow honkies.
    He ends his piece with his usual shit-smearing and ankle-biting

  2. oh, and don’t make too much of JED’s bullshit here. When I read Hot Air, she always was leaving a comment trying to find something nice to say for Howard. Usually she was alone in that.
    I thought of it as a pity funk sorta thing.

  3. To be charitable, he was just seeking street cred, by associating with radical students at Columbia, by joining Reverend Wright’s church, sadly I thought because of his background, he would be devoid of
    the race baiting baggage common to Sharpton and Jackson, but that
    was a naive thought.

  4. @ miguel cervantes:

    If you mean that Howard’s background would cause him to abstain from race-baiting, I can’t figure out the source of his failure, either.

    If you mean that Obama engages in race-baiting, I kinda would like you to point to some instances of it, if you can.

    I suspect that you won’t be able to find much, but really, really , really want you to try.

  5. You know how people have turned regular speech into hip-hop songs with computerization? There’s probably a name for it. Anyway, I think someone should do that with this run of clips from Reverend Wright sermons. I’d blast it from my Prius even though the bass from my stereo is so weak.


    wouldn’t surprise me if someone’s already done it on the Rev… but couldn’t find anything on initial search

    …however, considering the anti-auto-tune backlash, and how much people hate cars blasting music of any kind at them, and the rich loamy self-contradictions of your hateful gesture of love, externalized self-love/self-hatred, you’d be going for multiply interexponentiated love-hate there, something for everyone to hate and love to hate…

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