In Honor of Her Highness Oprah Selassie

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  1. It’s been a while, but now I remember – I never met Oprah. I never met Colin. I never met you – whoever, certainly not whomever is reading this.

    It’s so immediate now, but I can’t remember. Maybe you’re right. How late does Wendy’s stay open?

  2. Love it. Love Bob’s addition too. All the original needed was a little harmonium. The echo sound of it is perfect, though, and I wouldn’t want to mess with that tone, so forget the harmonium. Perfect as is. Thanks.
    I’m considering getting a friend-student of mine–an innocent housewife who is sincerely grieving over the O ending–to visit ZC and freak her out with this. No, that’d be mean. She really is upset.

  3. @ Scott Miller:
    Well, I’m not going to suggest that it’s anything other than imperfectly perfect in every way, but some day we can add harmonium and other devices, and, over the courses of the rests of our lives, and the next ones, we can work on extending it to 9-hour festival length at least.

    Oh, or O, don’t be mean. No. I had no idea anyone was really upset, but it stands to reason people would be. Like losing a dear friend or something.

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