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Obama’s REAL strategy on Israel-Palestine

The Acrobat – by David Samuels > Tablet Magazine – A New Read on Jewish Life   1. Jerusalem and the right of return are the issues on which the two sides are least likely to agree. 2. An agreement

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Anti-Israeli Pro-Israelism

I don’t think that Bret Stephens or perhaps his editors/headline-writers at the Wall Street Journal realize what they’re doing when they label Barack Obama “an Anti-Israel President.” The initial reaction of the majority of Obama supporters will likely be to

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Obama vs. the Yahus

A Proud Day for Obama | Talking Points Memo Obliquely and with respect to his audience, in his speech to AIPAC today, President Obama also responded to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s repeated lies about what President Obama said only the day

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White Queen 2012 Now More Than Ever

Birtherism, the debt ceiling, climate change, evolution: Are Republicans losing their grip on reality? – By Jacob Weisberg – Slate Magazine   Like the White Queen in her youth, the contemporary Republican politician must be capable of believing as many

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What actually is the Likud-Republican position and what good could possibly come of it?

The Bibi-Barack Chess Game – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast …the rank hysteria that immediately sprang from Jerusalem and quickly enveloped the far-right-wing-media-industrial-complex, revealed far more plainly than before that the gulf between Israel and

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All in all a pretty darn terrific speech esp if you’re grading on a curve

Not Perfect, But a Long Way from W. – By David J. Rothkopf | Foreign Policy   While many are focused on the nuanced shift in U.S. policy with regard to Israel and the Palestinian territories expressed toward the end

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Bisection of all history update: Big Infinitesimals

See, it’s kind of like this: When I worked at Lockheed as a temp 20+ years ago – word-processing, watering the vacationing office manager’s plants, hair self-cut to buzz length, shampooing and shaving with the same irritating hand soap, stains

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A Zombie Contentions Credo

Fiscally I’m A Right-Wing Nutjob, But On Social Issues I’m Fucking Insanely Liberal | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source   It’s all about striking a balance, really. Take finances. It is my opinion that all taxes whatsoever should

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Death of the Last Action Hero

The Death of the Last Action Hero | Partial Objects   In the 1980′s, the worst thing you could call a presidential candidate was “wimp.” Arnold didn’t look like a wimp, he didn’t act like a wimp in his movies,

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you have been warned

…have been spending the last few days dividing all of human history into two halves, while preparing to lay a supreme gift before the feet and other appendages of all living beings. Yeah, I know – the usual. But this

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