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If this man is crying, shouldn’t someone hear him?

Dorothy Parvaz: Inside Syria’s secret prisons – Opinion – Al Jazeera English   I was taken through a labyrinth of stairs, before entering an office where my interrogator awaited me. I managed to talk him into allowing the blindfolds to

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Cherchez le what really matters

Visegrad: A New European Military Force | STRATFOR With the Palestinians demonstrating and the International Monetary Fund in turmoil, it would seem odd to focus this week on something called the Visegrad Group. But this is not a frivolous choice.

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Cherchez l’homme

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Bernard-Henri Lévy Defends IMF Director – The Daily Beast   What I do know is that nothing in the world can justify a man being thus thrown to the dogs. What I know is that nothing, no suspicion

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Cherchez la femme

French writer describes 2002 grab-and-grope by Dominique Strauss-Kahn –   “He wanted me to hold his hand while he answered [my questions],” she recounted. “He said, ‘I can’t do it if you don’t hold my hand.’ After the hand,

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America and Israel are giving up their rei(g)ns

Israel’s Palestinian Arab Spring: Jews and Americans Losing Ability to Shape Mideast – The Daily Beast   For Jews, this sense of being history’s masters was even more intoxicating. For millennia, we had been acted upon. Mere decades earlier, American

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It’s Time to Leave Afghanistan   We don’t need a war in Afghanistan to stop people like bin Laden. We have the ability to strike deep inside the territory of foreign countries if necessary. The United States has both significant

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The Third Manifestation of Israel and the Geopolitics of Perpetual Crisis

Geopolitical Weekly Israel’s danger will come only if a great power seeks to dominate the Mediterranean Basin or to occupy the region between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean. In the short period since the fall of the Soviet Union, this has

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no doubt studying the infidel for signs of weakness

Exclusive: Pornography found in bin Laden hideout: officials | Reuters A stash of pornography was found in the hideout of Osama bin Laden by the U.S. commandos who killed him, current and former U.S. officials said on Friday. The pornography

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America’s Least Needed

Howard Portnoy: Kill each other over money and white boys for fun. That line, in case anyone missed it in a previous column on the topic, comes from rapper Common’s song “Don’t Come My Way.” It is a blatantly racist

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One more time: Torture did NOT help get Bin Laden

Former attorney general Michael Mukasey recently claimed that “the intelligence that led to bin Laden . . . began with a disclosure from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who broke like a dam under the pressure of harsh interrogation techniques that included waterboarding. He

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