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The mosque, the mosque, the mosque one year later

Developer: Plans For N.Y. Mosque Moving Forward : NPR   So what’s the status of the Islamic Cultural Center now? Rauf is no longer involved with Park51. His wife, Daisy Khan, says they are developing their own vision for a

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O is fixing W’s gross strategic error – Obama’s War – Thursday, May 5, 2011   As Wall Street Journal reporter Alan Cullison wrote in a little-noted article in The Atlantic in September 2004, on the eve of 9/11, al-Qaida was a small, fractious group whose

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Long day’s blogging into evening – pre-game festivities

Am about to disappear into Lakerdom – either a further descent into tedious misery, a temporary revival on the way to even deeper misery, or the Turning Point we’ve been waiting for and falsely identifying this whole desperately non-compelling season

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Like I said, we’re no angels

A further observation on the rather tired “celebration of the death of OBL” question. I sometimes pride myself on an unusual ability to happen actually now and then to manage to notice the obvious, but it’s false pride, I know.

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Obama + GZ + Old Glory = Premature Ejerkulation in the Dextrosphere

No, President Obama Didn’t Have A Flag Removed From Ground Zero | Media Matters for America   Doug Ross, in a post headlined, “WTF at WTC? Obama Has American Flag Removed From Ground Zero Site Moments Before Photo Shoot!”:  

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Brought us the head of Osama Bin Laden

Though I felt the need to correct Scott’s quote – he fell victim to a widespread quotation mangling – I don’t want to trivialize his perspective.  As I’ve noted, I sympathize with it.  I just feel it’s incomplete.  When some

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Incomprehensibly, White House sitting on most interesting aspect of OBL raid

Hero Dog Helped Nab Osama Bin Laden   A Navy Seals dog was probably lowered in this fashion to the hiding place of Osama Bin Laden Sunday to help snare the world’s most hunted man (Photo: Andy Anderson/K9 Storm) The

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How about this celebratory tide?

zombie contentions – A Modest Alternative Perspective Here, I’m just pointing out that the diversity of our cultural reality is something I enjoy and that sometimes it’s better not to get swept up in a morally questionable celebratory tide. Just

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Go ahead, make a mistake, you’re human

You’ve probably noticed for yourself that whenever someone says “make no mistake,” there’s a high probability that whatever he or she says next is going to be dubious.  If it was certain or near-certain before the speaker pointed it out,

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Another Day That “Everyone Would Remember”

Transferred from exquisite Kodachrome 16 MM: VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945 from Richard Sullivan on Vimeo.

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