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Oh BTW – the Ryan plan also includes the evil beyond all evils certain to destroy America

The Ryan proposal compels Americans to buy insurance—just like Obamacare does. – By Simon Lazarus – Slate Magazine   Ryan’s roadmap would reshape Americans’ access to health insurance mainly through two provisions, both of which pressure people to purchase private

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Osama Death LULZ

Osama Death LULZ: the memeification of history – Boing Boing      

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Nice 2 no w planet u r n, Ismail

Hamas Mourns OBL, Throwing Deal Into Doubt – by Marc Tracy > Tablet Magazine – A New Read on Jewish Life   On the one hand, al-Qaida is not the sticking point here; it was not disagreement over Bin Laden

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Major Announcement from Prez

Any moment now. Have heard no rumors. Doesn’t he realize that I’m on a deadline? UPDATE OBL is dead.

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May Day Report

…just got to finish a proofreading… and will have survived the First Draft mostly alive (strained my back somehow, possibly lifting my blind little dog, possibly sleeping funny)… The way it works is that I then do a Second Draft

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