Give us this day our daily purebred, forgive our regresspasses and those who have regresspassed against us

So was looking to write a quick little post about the absence of fuster and his music videos and his naughty ribbits and thought I’d illustrate it with a link to Sweet Polly Purebred singing for Underdog, and was surprised to learn that, my guess would be that it’s due to copyright issues, there is apparently no YouTube of Polly singing her song.  Yet this search led me to a great recognition:  I have since I was a little boy in ancient times had special affection for the Underdog cartoons, and have from time to time reflected on how weird it seemed for the very dog-like Underdog to be in love with the very human Polly, and it was only today that, for the first time, I saw the proper spelling of her last name, and realized that she is also a dog, a sweet bitch to be precise, or a dog-person anyway, and I noticed further that she has a dog’s snout.

I’d always thought her last name was “Purebread.”  I, a dog person of sorts, never got the “Purebred” pun, and, never having seen her other than with I guess five-year-old’s eyes, somehow never seemed to notice that Polly’s got a black nose.  Instead, I always assumed that there was bestiality going on in the cartoon, and that no one seemed to care.  What does this mean about me?  I say… little!  I doubt that most kids know what a “purebred” is or find anything particularly weird about love affairs between man-like super-dogs and sweet young women in need.

I did find a lot of YouTubes that used Polly and Underdog as figures in amateur music videos for songs by the Beatles, Roy Orbison, whomever.  And I also found this weird little computerific thing. Note that the user spells Polly’s last name the same way I always have until today:

Watch it to the very end.  The video-maker leaves in an effect that I’ve lately been near-obsessed with, and, as far as I can recall, have never seen really used, though I’ve of course seen it appear.  One of the most dramatic instances was during Gulf War coverage nearly 20 years ago, when the regression/recursive effect combined with a satellite delay to create a truly bizarre feedback effect, the barbershop mirrors inter-reflecting over thousands of miles and through outer space.

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  1. No surprise, I had the very same arch with all that. I quess, as Scorpios, we’re particularly sensitive and at the same time oblivious to inter species co-mingling.

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