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The Norway Attacks and the Rise of the Far Right in Europe

Norway Attacks Put Spotlight on Rise of Right-Wing Sentiment in Europe – Perhaps the most surprising about-turn came in Britain, a country that has long considered itself among the most immigrant-friendly in Europe until a series of coordinated bomb

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Battle: Upland

Thinking about Scott’s question and thinking about the struggle to keep from falling right back into the patterns that I really have no choice but to try to shake off and shake up and re-set… …as soon as I start

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It’s Joe’s war now

Biden’s Burden: Last One Standing in Afghanistan Policy Wars – Steve Clemons – Politics – The Atlantic   The last one standing is Joe Biden – not because he is the Vice President, but because he has clung behind the

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Amy Winehouse found dead

Amy Winehouse dead: Found dead at her London flat | Mail Online   Amy Winehouse has been found dead at her home in London, it has been reported. The Back To Black singer was apparently found at the property  by

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Just remind yourself what BHO (and the rest of us) are dealing with, libs

What Obama (and Boehner, and the economy ) are dealing with – The Plum Line – The Washington Post   One really, really important point to remember about House Republicans right now: There’s a very good chance that a whole

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On Krugmanism: The opposite of unwisdom isn’t always wisdom

Owen Gray at Northern Reflections and The Moderate Voice takes a cue from Paul Krugman, whom, Gray concludes, “has a right to be pessimistic.” The powerful elites on both sides of the Atlantic suffer from group think. And, instead of

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Just a reminder: Rep. Allen West is a multiple independently targeted re-entry vehicle of creepily weird lunatic petulant buffoonery aimed at everyone in his vicinity but most of all himself

Allen West tirade: Wasserman Schultz ‘vile…despicable…not a Lady’ – Ben Smith – From: Z112 West, Allen Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 04:48 PM To: Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Cc: McCarthy, Kevin; Blyth, Jonathan; Pelosi, Nancy; Cantor, Eric Subject: Unprofessional and

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Awesome Behind the Scenes Shots from Classic Films

World Of Mysteries: Best behind-the-scenes photos from classic films   Superman on the set of Mothra (1961) – special effects director Tsuburaya Eiji Dr. Strangelove — Sellers & Kubrick.  

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They may tick our loaves

…but they’ll niver tick our

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